Fresh Boyz - STUDIO (album cover)

Fresh Boyz release single and MV ‘STUDIO’

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The three-member hiphop group Fresh Boyz have released their new track ‘STUDIO‘ produced by Brown Sugar.

‘STUDIO’ is about the process of creating music in the studio. The song’s psychedelic music video was made by the visualization team COCO VIKING.


Executive Producer: ENT102 (Changyul Kim, 김창열)
Produced by Brown Sugar, Fresh Boyz
Composed and arranged by Brown Sugar
Lyrics by CJFRESH, KWON5FRESH, 놀부 (Nolboo aka Young Nolb)
Recording: Hwangdaeng (황댕)
Mixing: Hwangdaeng (황댕)
Mastering: Boost Knob
Artwork: CJFRESH
MV: Tae Hyun Kim, EFXL

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