Briel - The Chill Boi (cover)

FPL Crew’s Briel releases free mixtape ‘The Chill Boi’

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On August 8, FPL Crew’s Briel has released the mixtape ‘The Chill Boi’ for free.


01. 걱정마 [Don’t Worry] (Grinder) (inst. Clams Casino-Swervin(XV Remix))
02. 인생은 쉽게 [Life, Easily] (inst. Isaiah Rashad-RIP Kevin Miller)
03. 마리아나 해구 [Mariana Trench] (inst. Chief Keef-Citgo)
04. 토론토 2학년 [Toronto Sophomore] (Feat. Dbo) (inst. Yung Gud-Crushed)
05. Green Zone (inst. Clams Casino-One Last Thing)
06. 난 죽었어 [I’m Dead] (inst. Clams Casino-Pull Me Down)
07. Feel the Vibe Hotbox Remix (Feat. Kigga) (Prod. DZ)

Lyrics by Briel and featured artists
Mixed and mastered by mOOns, DZ, Jaydubb
Cover artwork by Woogi Maniere




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