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Eluphant release ‘The Art of Travel’ EP and ‘Camille’ MV

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Hiphop duo Eluphant are telling stories about The Art of Travel with their new mini album.

The Art of Travel‘ is Eluphant‘s first new album since the ‘Man On The Moon’ LP in 2015.

Last year, Eluphant participated in the worldwide music festival MIDEM as well as in K-CON in Los Angeles. Their new album contains all the positive vibes that Kebee and Minos picked up on their travels.

The title track ‘Camille‘ was inspired by works of art the two rappers encountered and compares one’s beloved to beautiful art in a gallery. The song was produced by hit producer Primeboi and features singer-songwriter Stella Jang.

There are five track all in all, including the pre-released ‘Newport‘ and ‘생활 속으로 (Invitation)‘ that all have Eluphant’s unique fluent storytelling and witty lyrics.

Track List & Credits:
  1. 여행의 기술 (The Art of Travel)
    Produced by Eluphant, Pleyn
    Composed by Pleyn, Kebee
    Lyrics written by Kebee, Minos
    Arranged by Pleyn
    Keyboard by Pleyn
    Guitar by Pleyn, Nishhey
    Narration by Stella Jang
    Recorded by Eluphant at Galaxy Map
  2. Newport (Feat. San E)
    Produced by Eluphant, G-Slow
    Composed by G-Slow
    Lyrics written by Kebee, Minos, San E
    Arranged by G-Slow
    Keyboard, Bass & Drums by G-Slow
    Recorded by Eluphant at Galaxy Map, 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio
  3. 까미유 (Camille) (Feat. Stella Jang) TITLE
    Produced by Eluphant, Primeboi
    Composed by Primeboi, Stella Jang
    Lyrics written by Kebee, Minos, Stell Jang
    Arranged by Primeboi
    Guitar by 한재준 (Jaejoon Han)
    Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio
  4. Tour Guide
    Produced by Eluphant, Elaps
    Composed by John Napoleon, Elaps, Minos
    Lyrics written by Kebee, Minos
    Arranged by John Napoleon, Elaps
    Keyboard by Elaps
    Guitar by 신재혁 (Jaehyuk Shin)
    Drum by John Napoleon
    Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio
  5. 생활 속으로 (Invitation) (Feat. Yang Da Il)
    Produced by Eluphant, 박민우 (Minwoo Park)
    Composed by Kebee, 박민우 (Minwoo Park)
    Lyrics written by Kebee, Minos
    Arranged by Kebee, 박민우 (Minwoo Park)
    Piano by 박민우 (Minwoo Park)
    Guitar by 노은종 (Eunjong Noh)
    Chorus by Yang Da Il, Kebee
    Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio

Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for BRANDNEW MUSIC
Produced by Eluphant
Promotion & Artist Management Director: Seowoo Nam
Mixed and mastered by Master Key at MasterPiece SoundLab
Administration Director: Hyungwook Kim
Administration & Accounting: Sunghye Yoon, Semin Kim, Hwashin Shin
Production Co-ordinators: Master Key, Youngheon Won, dongnaehyung, 리시 (Lizzy), 9999, XEPY, Taewan, DJ Juice
Artist Management: Min-gyoo Jung, Hojin Lee, Yong-wan Kwon, Joonbae Kim, Jong-won Ryoo
Strategy Planning: Uibong Jung, Meehee Lee
A&R: Youngjoon Yoo, Nara Kim
Marketing & Online Promotion: Meehee Lee, Jung-ah Oh
Artist Development & Casting: Yoojin Jang, Choye Kim
Fan Marketing: Meehee Lee, Jung-ah Oh, Narisa Takayama
Overseas Business: Narisa Takayama, WARNER MUSIC KOREA CO., LTD.
Art Direction & Design: N Designers
Hair and Makeup: Jooyoung Han, Sooyeon Joh, Hyejung Yoon, Jiyeon Min for BLACK LIP
MV & Video Art Direction: KOINRUSH, Yoosuk Kim for N Designers, KIHO

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