Don Mills - Kingsman (cover)

Don Mills releases new single ‘Kingsman’

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Three days ago on August 14, VMC’s Don Mills has released a new single titled ‘Kingsman’.

Don Mills revealed the single’s cover image and a teaser via his Instagram one day before the release.

The track was produced by VMC’s TK, mixed and mastered by Boost Knob’s Park Kyungsun, and the artwork was made by VMC’s Rowdee. The female model you can see in the teaser is Stone Ship’s Kim Jungyoon (Ddolbae is sitting on her left), and the video was directed and edited by VMC’s head Deepflow.

‘Kingsman’ is planned to be included in Don Mills’ first full-length album ‘Tailored Fit’ that is set for release within this year. To celebrate the single’s release, Don Mills held a live event via Periscope in the evening of August 14.

Produced by TK
Lyrics by Don Mills
Mixed & mastered by Boost Knob
Model: Jungyoon
Teaser by Deepflow
Artwork by Rowdee


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