DMEANOR - Don't Hold Me (cover art)

DMEANOR debuts with single and MV ‘Don’t Hold Me (Feat. Swings)’

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R&B artist DMEANOR who is well-known in the underground scene has debuted today with the single and music video ‘Don’t Hold Me (Feat. Swings)’.

For his debut single, DMEANOR received support among others from Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul on the album artwork, Swings on the featuring, producers Osinachi, Eco Bridge, and composer Davey Nate.

On ‘Don’t Hold Me‘, DMEANOR sings about the three years during which he prepared himself for his debut, a time he spent restricted by duties and work. This is the song for everyone who just wants to be left alone by all the things that tie them down.

Check out the music video below!


Producers: Osinachi Nwaneri, Eco Bridge, Nahan
Composers: Davey Nate, Shane Facchinello, Nahan, DMEANOR, Jeff, Joseph, Oronne Nwaneri
Lyrics written by DMEANOR, Swings

Background Vocals: DMEANOR
Recording Engineers: Isaac Han, OKIRO
Mixing Engineers: 최형 (Hyung Choi), Isaac Han at NUPLAY Studio
Mastering Engineer: Namwoo Kwon at 821 Sound Mastering

Art Director & Design: Naul, 최반장 (Banjang Choi) (APRILSHOWER)
Photographer: 502ho
Music Video Director: 37thDEGREE
Choreography: Joesar Alva (KINJAZ)
Dancers: Joesar Alva (KINJAZ), Syrene Bartolome, Mao Kawakami, Maja Keres, Allan Skeene Jr. (Ajaye)
Featured Artist: Swings

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Source: Mnet