DJ Wegun - Our Lives (album cover)

DJ Wegun releases single ‘Our Lives’

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AOMG’s DJ Wegun has released the single ‘Our Lives (Feat. Jay Park, Ugly Duck)‘ yesterday, as well as a teaser for the track’s upcoming music video.

He received inspiration from performing together with Jay Park and Ugly Duck at concerts outside of Korea. Through steady work, DJ Wegun has made his mark as a DJ and producer, from FreshAvenue’s ‘Rockin’ Steady‘ over Zico’s ‘Veni VIDI VICI‘ to ‘A Piece of Cake‘ with Ugly Duck.
Look forward to how DJ Wegun will further widen his musical spectrum from now on.

‘Our Lives’ is available on iTunes.



Lyrics by Jay Park, Ugly Duck
Composed and arranged by DJ Wegun

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