Dbo - 7leanInSinLim (cover)

Dbo releases mixtape ‘7leanInSinLim’

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Dbo seems to be a never-ending source of music as he has released another mixtape today, titled ‘7leanInSinLim’.

01. U heard (inst. 02 – Syrup)
02. Da (inst. Kodak Beatz – Call Me Smokey (Instrumental) (Prod By Kodak Beatz)
03. 방송 [TV Program] (inst. Dirty Red – Hustla Song (Instrumental) (Prod By Kodak Beatz)
04. In Love (inst. wagg Dinero – I Love Her (Instrumental) (Prod By Kodak Beatz)
05. Puff Puff (inst. Flight School – Bank Rolls (Instrumental) (Prod By Kodak Beatz)
06. 잠수 [Laying Low] (inst. adi Mani ft Loc – Never Met A Real Nigga (Instrumental) (Prod By Kodak Beatz)
07. 솜사탕 [Cotton Candy] (inst. Rich Porter – 4Eva (Instrumental) (Prod By Kodak Beatz x Chapo)
08. 모양 [Form] (inst. Princess – Is It What U Want (Instrumental) (Prod By Kodak Beatz)
09. 오발 [Accidental Discharge] (inst. Maliibu Miitch Valid (Instrumental)
10. Up (inst. Roll Up (Prod By TaylorOfficialTracks)
11. 7leanInSinLim (inst. Gucci_Mane_feat._Lil_Kim_&_Ludacris_-_Freaky_Girl_rmx._(Instrumental))

Mixed and mastered by Dz Beats
Cover artwork byWinsdom




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