D.Feeling - Inside Out (album cover)

D.Feeling releases new single ‘Inside Out’

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Rapper D.Feeling has released the single ‘Inside Out‘ today which was produced by Deeepsol.

The song is based on the thought that ‘living means to constantly hurt someone as well as me getting constantly hurt by someone’. In the lyrics, D.Feeling expresses his doubts about interhuman relationships, which can be rather hard to swallow. To ease this difficulty, there is producer Deeepsol‘s bright melody and the roaring voice of Yoosori.
This song is dedicated to everyone who wants to take a break and do absolutely nothing.

‘Inside Out’ is available on iTunes

Produced and arranged by Deeepsol
Lyrics by D.Feeling
Vocals by Yoosori (유솔이)
Cover designed by iden.TD

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Source: Mnet