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Contemporary art meets hiphop: EP album ‘Floating Village’

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Contemporary artists, civil servants who write poetry, movie directors, and hiphop musicians. Artists who are working in very different domains have gathered to release an album about one thing they have in common: a message. Under the artist name ‘Wi Jaeryang’s Song’ they released the EP album ‘Floating Village’.

The album will be exhibited at the ‘Artist Award of the Year 2015’ exhibition at The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul until November 1 as a concept art of artist Kim Kira alongside movie director Kim Hyunggyoo’s video art. The album’s songs are reinterpretations of poet Wi Jaeryang’s poems who was a public servant in the cleaning sector.

On the basis of those poems, the artists unfold esthetic viewpoints on modern society’s pain, The Republic of Korea’s reality, history, ideaology, politics, generations, regions, labor and management as seen from position and attitude, and other problems and conflicts. Therefore, it is a ‘conscious rap’ album which treats serious issues, a rare genre these days.

The participating artists are Garion’s MC Meta, Rudepaper’s Koonta, Jerry.k, Analog Boy, Issac Squab, Nucksal, Choi Sam, reggae musician Tae Hee-un, DJ Skip, beatmaker The GITA, Cha Sunsoo, and more. The album is a special package of six hiphop tracks and art by Kim Kira. It can only be bought at the shops at The National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Seoul Museum of Art. A total of 1000 albums are planned to be sold. The album will sequentially be revealed over four months, starting from the first showcase on September 4.

Tracklist (incl. tentative English translations):
01. Floating Village (feat. MC Meta of Garion)
02. 절망도 사치스러운 [Despair is a Luxury too] (feat. Analog Boy & Koonta of Rudepaper)
03. 공짜가 좋다고
 [I Said I Like Things for Free] (feat. Issac Squab & DJ Skip)
04. 살아가는 곳 [The Place We Live In] (feat. Choi Sam & Chailo)
05. 쓰레기들 [Pieces of Trash] (feat. Nucksal & Jerry.k)
06. 그대는 결코 [In the End, You] (feat. Tae Hee-un & Issac Squab)


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