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Chillin Monster drops ‘Flower’ album

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On January 15, artist Chillin Monster dropped his latest album titled [Flower].

The album contains 10 tracks and features artists Jerry.K and Rico (Daze Alive Music), B-Free (HI-LITE Records), producer G-slowillinit, jazz hiphop producers A June J BeatMr. Gordo (NABOB MUSIC), Young Jay (Guereallaz), NAMI, and others.  The artwork is designed by art direct ALMOND, and sound engineering by Nior.

Check out the track “GANGNAM STYLE (Feat. Rico)” below:

[divider] [Track List] 01. GANGNAM STYLE (Feat. Rico) (Prod. G-Slow)
02. Gotta Hustle (Feat. B-free, 일리닛) (Prod. Chillin Monster)
03. 뒤통수 (Feat. B-free, NAMI) (Prod. G-Slow)
04. My Legs (Feat. Jerry.K, Young Jay) (Prod. Chillin Monster)
05. I Don’t Know You (Feat. Mr.Gordo) (Prod. Chillin Monster) *Title
06. Hey Dude (Prod. Chillin Monster)
07. 나의 할머니 (Prod. A June & J Beat)
08. Body Ride (Prod. Chillin Monster)
09. Flower (Prod. Chillin Monster)
10. Please Go (Prod. Chillin Monster)

[Credit] Executive Produced by Chillin Monster
Mixed & Mastered by Nior
Designed by ALMOND

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