Bizniz - Go Get 'Em (album cover)

Bizniz releases single ‘Go Get ‘Em (Feat. Rudals)’

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After three years of waiting, first-generation rapper Bizniz is back with the single ‘Go Get ‘Em‘ which features Brand New Music’s talented newcomer Rudals.

The song is about Bizniz’s determination to keep doing music. After he participated on SMTM5, he wants to concentrate on the reason why he initially started doing hiphop. He produced this new track together with beatmaker HD Beatz, who he has worked with continually in the past.
‘Get Get ‘Em’ also features talented high schooler and rapper Rudals, the future of Brand New Music, whose rapping does by far not sound like that of a newcomer.
Starting with this single, Bizniz plans to release more music from now on.




Produced by BIZNIZ, HD Beatz
Composed by HD Beatz
Lyrics by BIZNIZ, Rudals
Arranged by HD BEATZ
Drum programming by HD Beatz
Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for BRANDNEW MUSIC
Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio, Rudals at Reloaded Recording Studio
Mixed and mastered by Master Key at MasterPiece SoundLab
Art Direction & Design ONLY BUILT FOR

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Source: Mnet