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Here come for the second time the hottest topics among Korean hiphop fans these days, with Keith Ape, Epik High, Swings, and Illionaire’s fourth member.

One fan let us all know that Keith Ape‘s ‘It G Ma’ music video will soon reach 4 million views on YouTube. In the comments, people said that they are very much looking forward to his new song (that has been released yesterday).

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Someone noted: “On Epik High‘s album ‘Shoebox’ I hear Dok2’s voice at the end of ‘Lesson 5 (Timeline)’ but his name is not listed as featuring.” One fan threw in that they find Dok2’s part very addicting. Others explained that there are many hidden featurings on the ‘Shoebox’ album, like YDG and actress Gong Hyo-jin. Have you found them all?

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“I want to listen to all good Korean rappers’ albums. Which is Swings‘ best one?” was one person’s question. Here are the top three recommendations:

1. 감정기복 [Mood Swings].
2. Upgrade
3. Upgrade II AND #1 Mixtape II

Have you heard all of these yet? If so, which is your favorite?
If not, Swings being in the army would be a good time to catch up with his music, so do check them out! (Download link for the free mixtape ‘Mood Swings’ is included above.)

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A huge discussion has broke out among fans after someone threw in the question “Which rapper do you think would be a realistic and good addition to 1llionaire?” Surely many of us have asked ourselves this question, so the opinions are diverse. On one hand, fans named the usual suspects like “Nobody,” Jay Park, Double K, Changmo, Zico, YDG, Prima Vista, Gray, “Me.” On the other hand, more unexpected(?) names came up, like Swings, Loco, Nochang, Cheetah, Donutman, Okasian, and E-Sens.
We know from interviews that Illionaire pays attention to looks1)please do not take this too seriously and want rappers who can rap on slow beats. What do you guys think, who would be your ideal fourth member of Illionaire?

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