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Illionaire Records Establishes New Label “Ambition Musik”

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Here’s our speculation of the new label “Ambition Musik” formed by Illionaire Records.

Earlier today, Illionaire Records announced their new label titled Ambition Musik with the following message: “Ambition Musik is a new label established by Illionaire Records.  We already have 3 artists and going to reveal them from tomorrow.  Stay tuned.” 

CEOs' talk #AmbitionMusik

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In their most recent Instagram video, Ambition Musik CEOs The Quiett and Dok2 stated that “the three artists have already signed their contract to Ambition Musik, and will be announcing one artist per day starting tomorrow.

Who could these artists be?  Both Korean and international fans are speculating the following artists: Kim Hyoeun, Changmo, and Flowsik.  In addition, the names of other artists are mentioned including Superbee, myunDo, and Hash Swan.  We will find out the first artist tomorrow (September 30, 2016).

Which artist do YOU think signed to Ambition Musik?  Let us know!