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E-Sens Leaves Amoeba Culture, Contract Terminated

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Yes, I received my contract termination today.  I will pursue as a solo artist – E-Sens

Earlier today, E-SENS announced that his contract has ended and has left Amoeba Culture.  On July 19th, artist E-Sens (Kang Minho) officially announced his departure with the music label.  We do not know the exact reason for his departure, as E-Sens did not provide any details.  Below is the official statement released by Amoeba Culture:

Hello, this is Amoeba Culture.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.  Today, we would like to release an official statement regarding Kang Minho (E-Sens).

We would like to announce that we contacted E-Sens on July 19th with regards to his contract termination with our label. Consequently, E-Sens is no longer an artist of Amoeba Culture.

Thank you for your continued support and interest; we will continue to strive to grow as a music label.

Thank you.


2013. 7. 20.
Amoeba Culture

According to MyDaily, E-Sens and his former team member Simon Dominic decided to disband Supreme Team due to differences in the music direction between E-Sens and the music label.  Artist Simon Dominic will continue to work with Amoeba Culture in his future projects.

RIP Supreme Team (2009-2013)

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