[12.13.10] MIC SWAGGER SHOW, Musician Interview Video

In News by Andrew

Various hip-hop musicians performing live at the MIC SWAGGER SHOW (Leessang, Minos, J’kyun, Basick, Vasco, and Sool J) have come together to shoot a promotional video for the show. Tickets as well as more information about the show are available on Freestyle Town (http://club.cyworld.com/SOOLJ). Freestyle Town wrote on their website, “The upcoming MIC SWAGGER SHOW is not a show for freestyle, but a show that will feature performances by many hip-hop musicians. I hope that you will feel the skills and passion of current and future Korean hip-hop music through the upcoming show.”

Freestyle Town: http://club.cyworld.com/SOOLJ

Ticket Sale: http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=10009123