Rapper Car with San E

[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with San E – Part 2

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The subtitles for the second part of AKATV‘s Rapper Car Season 2 with special guest San E are now available.

With Kjun, San E talks about joining Overclass and his time with JYP. He then performs ‘Rap Genius’ and ‘맛 좋은산‘ live.

Subtitle Credits Part 2

Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

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Video and Translators’ Notes

Part 2

  1. When San E explains how they had to wear a beanie to keep the headphones from falling off, the graphics show a vinyl bag and the Korean on-screen text says “vinyl bag” too. This is a misunderstanding since the word beanie (+the object particle) is written ‘비니를’ (binireul) and the word for vinyl bag (+the object particle) is written ‘비닐을’ (binireul) but, as you can already see from the romanization, the two are pronounced the same. So the editor thought they put vinyl bags over the head.
  2. San E performs ‘맛좋은산’ (Tasty San) off his debut album ‘Everybody Ready?’
    Note: “I will rap, so hyung (you) cut the rice cake” is a reference to a sentence said by the mother of Han Seok-bong, one of Joseon’s most famous calligraphers. She told his son: “Now, I will cut the rice cake so you will write.” (자, 이제부터 나는 떡을 썰 테니 너는 글을 써 보거라. source) It shows the mother’s love for her son and that she wants him to do what he is good at. The way San E changes the sentence, he is saying that he raps better than the hyung he’s addressing, and tells the hyung to cut rice cake instead of rapping because he’s no good at rap. With this line, San E both brags about his skills and disses that hyung.
    Also: When rapping “Attention!” San E throws his first into the camera. This is because the word for ‘attention’ (주먹, jumeok) can also mean ‘fist’.


Look forward to the next three episodes of Rapper Car with San E!
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