Rapper Car with J.slow and Jung Sangsoo

[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with J.slow and Jung Sangsoo

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Here are our translators’ notes for the latest two episodes of AKATV‘s Rapper Car, one with J.slow and one with Jung Sangsoo.

J.slow imitates several rappers, including Jay Z, introduces his good friend Freelow, and performs a few tracks. Meanwhile, Jung Sangsoo opens up about a date with a fan and shows off his ballad-singing skills …

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Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes


  1. The first song J.slow raps is ‘옥상으로 올라와 (Come Up To the Rooftop)‘. The part shown in the video contains a pun: “My head is saturated, please get lost already / Hold up, before you get lost / Light it up” — The word used for “get lost” can also mean to go out, e.g. a fire, which is why the following line goes “Light it up.”
  2. Zhu Bajie is a character from Journey to the West, the cartoon character which J.slow imitates is from the cartoon ‘날아라 슈퍼보드’ (Fly! Superboard!).
  3. J.slow and Freelow perform ‘요즘애들(Kids These Days). Watch the music video here.
  4. When Freelow says “I’ll keep spitting,” he is actually citing Jung Sangsoo’s lyrics from ‘명사수(Sharpshooter): “I’ll keep shooting sharply”
  5. What is simply translated as ‘private folder‘ is actually something entirely else. We all know this: We create a new folder on our device but are too lazy to name it and soon we have several folders that are called “New Folder,” “New Folder (1),” “New Folder (2)” and so on. There is a Korean software which automatically renames a folder once you create a new one. The software names the folders after birds, the reason for this is a simple pun. The phrase “new folder” (새 폴더, sae poldeo) can also be understood as “bird folder.” So, Kjun actually asks J.slow: “Is the file in the Raven folder?” To which J.slow replies: “It’s in the Starling folder!” And then they want to title the song ‘Starling’.
  6. The last song is J.slow’s ‘Wussup‘.
    Personal note: Just like J.slow says in the lyrics, he always reaches out to fans and is very friendly and humble. So don’t be shy but leave him a nice message, links to his social network accounts are above under Related Links.
Jung Sangsoo

  1. The first track Jung Sangsoo performs is ‘명사수(Sharpshooter) off his EP ‘Color Glasses‘.
  2. The second track is ‘달이 뜨면 (광대)(When the Moon Is Up (Clown)) which Jung Sangsoo performed during his audition on SMTM. It is also included on ‘Color Glasses‘.
  3. The third track is ‘부산을 대표해(Represent Busan) off the EP of the same name.
  4. Note: Look at how happy Kjun is that someone is finally taking his bait and revealing juicy (?) relationship/dating (?) info. Remember how Hanhae swiftly escaped all questions in that direction.
  5. As Jung Sangsoo is talking about the date with his fan, the screen shows logos of famous entities whose names were changed (fake advertising), although Sangsoo only mentions McDonald’s. Geu-myung Noraebang is correctly called ‘Geum-young Noraebang’.
  6. The ballad he sings is ‘옛 사랑(Past Love) by Lee Moonse. The part shown is about giving up one’s longing for an old love but the lyrics were used to make fun of Sangsoo’s ballad-singing skills as the screen shows a message window which reads: “(From Moonse-hyung:) Sangsoo … let your ambitions be …”
  7. This episode was obviously filmed before Swaggers Made in USA since Kjun talks about Sangsoo going to the US.
  8. Word missing! At 4:03, Kjun asks: “You will rap with African Americans?” Please excuse.
  9. Sangsoo lastly performs ‘Hiphop Style Rap‘. Refer to these Translators’ Notes for details on his witty lyrics.


Coming up are two more single episodes, one with myunDo and one with Superbee. It is not certain when they will be available, but we will keep you updated!