Sleeq - fake album cover

Sleeq reveals new album cover and shocking facts

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Along with the cover of her upcoming single, rapper Sleeq has revealed shocking facts about herself and her label Daze Alive via Twitter.

At around half an hour past midnight KST, Sleeq tweeted the following:

Don Malik is actually 35 years old

I am the main act of Unpretty Rapstar season 2

I am actually a man so I can’t go on Unpretty Rapstar

Rico is actually Daze Alive’s outcast

I am actually SHINee World1)Fyi: Sleeq is a big SHINee fan

[Image: How Can Love Change …].
This is the cover of my next single^^ Please show it a lot of love^^

I actually got into Daze Alive thanks to my looks

Finally, she changed her display picture to Singaporean hiphop duo Sleeq

sleeq trolling

and tweeted the following video along with the comments:


Selamat tidur2)Indonesian for ‘Good night’ moon

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