Move The Crowd

[Recap] Move The Crowd – Chapters 17-18

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Read my recap of hiphop webtoon Move The Crowd’s chapters seventeen and eighteen.

인맥힙합 (3+4) (Connections Hiphop (3+4))

Don Mills reminds Deepflow where they met before and the latter finally remembers him.
Back to the present and the main character. Doosik is doing his job as a bartender, still blaming Skratch for failing to get the job as a “host MC”. As the two are fighting, they notice a guy who lies to a girl about being close to Vasco just to impress her. Skratch says that in his opinion that kind of people are the worst and that they are doing what’s called “connections hiphop”, claiming they know some famous rapper to be popular. When Doosik asks him what “connections hiphop” is, he replies: “Someone who is f*cking unskilled, knows a shit load of rappers and shows off with that.”
Back at home, Doosik thinks about those words and realizes that Skratch is right. Knowing many famous rappers doesn’t mean that Doosik himself will get some of their fame too. He is determined to do his thing until he is acknowledged and decides to make a mixtape.
We see 2SIK recording his mixtape and then going out to distribute it. In the midst of doing so, he meets Don Mills …

Doosik greets Don Mills and hands him his mixtape. Don Mills is reminded of his own efforts in the past and greets Doosik friendly, even asking for his number to give him feedback. As he is being exited and happy about the incident, Doosik sees Jiyun with another guy who he suspects to be her boyfriend. However, he tells himself that he shouldn’t be minding a girl and goes off to distribute more of his CDs.
As he tries to distribute them in front of a concert venue, he sees BewhY, Microdot, and Black Nut who are being followed by a huge crowd. 2SIK dreams of becoming as popular as them one day and has to shake off sudden thoughts of Jiyun and her possible boyfriend.
Meanwhile, Chulmin finds out everything about Doosik and becomes visibly angry when he hears that Doosik is acquainted with Jiyun.
2SIK who is still distributing his CDs is getting more and more pissed off with those people who leech off famous rappers’ fame and swears to himself that he shall never become like them.
At Vismajor’s studio, Don Mills and Deepflow listen to 2SIK’s mixtape and like his fresh style, so Don Mills messages 2SIK …

At the end of chapter eighteen, the authors have left the following note:

Everyone probably has their own criteria, but in our opinion there currently are no rappers who are doing “connections hiphop”. We think this way because unskilled rappers who have made themselves known thanks to connections shine briefly like a mirage and then disappear.


  • Deepflow
  • Don Mills
  • Vasco
  • BewhY
  • Microdot
  • Black Nut
  • Beenzino
  • San E


  • 2SIK’s lyrics go: 2sik gon expose ya motherfuckin posers | You guys who are getting beat all the time are no bulldozer | Hol’ up, this is not a diss against Swings | but directed at the retards who copy his song! | You’re disgusting and uncool. Getting tattoos and grills | and want to be like Chicanos or blacks, | who are you to represent Korean hiphop, asshole? Instead of your Supreme tee | which you bough with your mom’s money, | the smell of my plain Giordano tee, check that | It’s the pheramones which gay assholes | who think that the stage is a fashion show will never have | The women who smell them are naked before they know / ay~ wussup!
  • A fangirl asks Black Nut if he has a girlfriend to which he replies with “No,” and thinks “For me, there is only Beenzino!”
  • Doosik has saved Don Mills’ contact details under “Don Mills-hyung“.


Move The Crowd – Chapter 17: 인맥힙합 (3) (Connections Hiphop (3))

Move The Crowd – Chapter 18: 인맥힙합 (4) (Connections Hiphop (4))

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Image source: ROKHipHop


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