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Donutman “Now is the start, from now on I’ll properly carry out activities”

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Releasing mixtapes continuously every year since 2008 and consistently going on his own path, rookie rapper Donutman released his complete product ‘Welcome to the Game’ this past November. This is the talk with Donutman who with the release of a ‘complete’ single has started ‘proper activities’.   Hip: Nice to meet you. How did you celebrate Christmas? Donutman: My younger …

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Masta Wu x HIPHOPPLAYA – ‘Bad Boy’, ‘That’s No No’, and ‘Come Here’

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From the popular track ‘Bad Boy (문제아)’ to the famous phrase ‘That’s No No’, HIPHOPPLAYA sits down with Masta Wu for a chat. In this interview, Masta Wu discusses the time he dropped his free track ‘Come Here (이리 와봐)’ and the various behind the scenes story about his singles and music videos.   HIPHOPPLAYA (HPP): Ever since you released your tracks …