HiphopKR - SMTM5 Exclusive Weekly Recap Episode 2 (May 20, 2016)

Show Me the Money 5 – HiphopKR Recap (Episode 2)

In Show Me The Money by Andrew

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Check out our exclusive recap of “Show Me the Money 5″ Episode 2… spoilers ahead!

Those who passed round 1 auditions (read our exclusive recap of the first episode here) will now face the next challenge: 60 Seconds Rap Mission. One by one, each contestant will walk up to the stage and perform a verse in front of the eight producers.  They must survive 60 seconds on stage to proceed to the next round.


If all four producer teams “fail” the contestant within the 60 seconds:ep2-2

About Jung Jun Ha (MC Minji): The producers were impressed by his verse: “He did not compete on Show Me the Money 5 just for entertainment.”  Simon Dominic asked if Jung Jun Ha could rap another verse, to which MC Minji replies, “This is all I prepared [for the show].”  Simon Dominic shakes hands with MC Minji and praises him for the effort he put into the competition.  Jung Jun Ha (MC Minji) did NOT qualify for Round 2 auditions.

With respect to Gill and Jung Jun Ha: The show previously explained that Gill is returning to the entertainment industry following a two-year hiatus.  This episode shows that Gill and Jung Jun Ha finally reunite after the contestant is dropped by Simon Dominic (hence the emotional scene of Gill bursting into tears).  Gill explains that he intentionally avoided Jung Jun Ha until he competed as the producer may have been his judge (to avoid bias).


Remarks from Round 2 contestants:

  • Seo Chul Goo: I want to show them what I got this season
  • BewhY: “I think I’ll be winning my way up to the top this season.  They won’t have a choice but to want me.
  • ONE: “I’ll have to do my best.  I want to show a different side of me.
  • G2:I just need to make sure I don’t make any mistakes in my lyrics.
  • BIZNIZ: “I wish I could show them everything I prepared for this show.
  • CJAMM: “I don’t think I’ll ever be eliminated from this season.
  • Reddy:I’m always confident, because I’m good at what I do.

First contestant is someone who already competed in “Show Me the Money 5”: Woo Taewoon.  Simon Dominic asks, “Why did you come back to ‘Show Me the Money’?”  He responds that he was emotionally bothered by being referred to as “Zico’s brother.”  Woo Taewoon: ALL PASS.  Dok2 comments, “He was better than last year.”

woo taewoon

The next contestant is Boy B of Rhythm Power.  The episode highlights that he was in the same label as Zion.T (and also Simon Dominic).  The contestant comments, “I wanted to compete on “Show Me the Money 4” last year but could not due to my military obligations.  Once I completed my service, I wanted to make music again.  I feel like “Show Me the Money 5” is my first step towards that goal.”  Boy B: ALL PASS.

boy b

The third contestant and first female contestant of Round 2 auditions: Ash-B.  Mad Clown explains, “Ash-B was on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’. At that time, I wasn’t impressed with her concept.  However, I found her round 1 audition to be very good (very “sweet” as Mad Clown puts it).”  Simon Dominic asks, “I heard you are unhappy about G2 passing the first round.”  Ash-B replies, “My thoughts are that if you forget your lyrics, shouldn’t you be eliminated?”  Simon Dominic asks if she would beat G2 in a 1:1 battle [next round], and Ash-B confidently replies, “For me, it doesn’t matter who I face.”  Ash-B: FAIL.

ash b

The highly anticipated (and overly confident) CJAMM is up next.  Simon Dominic comments that many contestants are upset about CJAMM’s reappearance on “Show Me the Money.”  CJAMM replies, “If any contestants feel that their position is in danger because of my presence on the show, then that’s all on yourselves.  Don’t be upset at me.”  The Quiett says, “I was curious as well about you competing again.”  CJAMM sets it straight, “It actually is because of the money.  Not because I’m currently struggling as an artist, but because I want to. “Show Me the Money” is a place where I can do what I want and also get what I want.  That’s why I’m back on this show.”  CJAMM: ALL PASS.


Gill asks CJAMM if he has any rivals in the show.  CJAMM responds, “My friend BewhY.”  Dok2 asks, “In your honest opinion, who is better: you or BewhY?”  The contestant chose himself.

cjamm hiphopkr

Next up is Hash Swan, who the television program colors as the “short contestant” (The Quiett comments, “Ah yes, that short friend”).  Producer Kush compliments his “feminine/pretty legs.”  In the first round of auditions, producer Zion.T asked Hash Swan to spit four different verses before passing him to the next round.  Kush comments, “The tone of your rap voice is unique.”  Simon Dominic compliments him on his impressive rhymes, and Dok2 states that his hand motions and rap flow complemented each other nicely.  Hash Swan: ALL PASS.


The next contestant is Sanchez (also known as Fassnakuh, and older brother of “Show Me the Money 4”  contestant Microdot).  All the producers compliment the contestant on his positive vibe and attitude, as if he’s performing at a festival.  Dok2 jokingly comments, “Sanchez has a very positive attitude … but he also gives me the greasy vibe.  His hair, his style … not to mention his name.  He’s not even Latino and calls himself Sanchez!”  Sanchez: ALL PASS. Dok2 continues to troll, “He’s so greasy that when I tried failing him, my finger slipped over the fail button!


Next is first generation Korean hiphop artist BIZNIZ (read about his history in our previous SMTM recap).  The background track he used for his rap is a classic LEESSANG track ‘Let’s Meet Right Now (우리 지금 만나)’:

Unfortunately, the producers were not impressed with the beat selection which didn’t harmonize well with the contestant’s rap style.  BIZNIZ: FAIL.


The next contestant is another first generation rapper: OneSun.  In the same era as Garion and Joosuc, this OG contestant is respected by many of the producers as he walks up to the stage for his audition.  Unfortunately, all four producer teams fail the artist within 30 seconds of the audition.  Mad Clown comments, “To be honest, his rap was mediocre.  His rap style was too old-school.”  Gill follows up, “The beat selection … and his rap were like oil and water.  I questioned his choice of beat and style.”  OneSun: FAIL


Donutman‘s facial feature is compared with that of actor and Wing Chun martial artist Donnie Yen:ep2-12

Donutman: ALL PASS.  Gray comments, “Of all the contestants, you had the best delivery of lyrics.”  Simon Dominic agrees, “Initially, I was reading your lyrics on my screen, but ended up putting it down because I didn’t need it.”  Kush concludes, “Very clean.


Next up is HI-LITE Records artist Reddy, who is known partially for dissing Show Me the Money in the HI-LITE anthem track ‘My Team‘:

Reddy’s verse starts at 2:00 in the video above.  He says, ‘Don’t need to cheat (Show Me the Money), we are the champions of Korea.”  Kush takes a jab, “It appears you cheated.”  The Quiett asks why he decided to “cheat” and compete on “Show Me the Money,” to which Reddy replies, “To make money.”  Reddy was then criticized by the producers for his “soft and sensitive” style, which could be a disadvantage for the rapper in the show.  However, the statement is clearly taken back as Reddy begins to rap.  Reddy: ALL PASS.


The next contestant Khundi Panda is known for his diss track towards MC Meta.  The contestant explains, “MC Meta, as a producer for “Show Me the Money,” criticized the show which seems contradictory.” The artist is referring to MC Meta’s track ‘Show Me the Hiphop (ft. Choi Sam)‘ (check out our exclusive translated lyrics here).  Here’s the MC Meta diss track:

The artist is eliminated by the producers.  Khundi Panda: FAIL.


Simba Zawadi is another contestant known for dissing HI-LITE Records former artist Keith Ape for making the following statement: “In Korea, there was no crew I’d want to be in besides The Cohort.  Because you know, Korean rap, it sucks.  Bad.”  (diss track is not available – could not find it online)

Unfortunately for the artist, all four producer teams pressed the fail button, which caused a mild uproar in the waiting room.  Artists like Donutman, Boy B and CJAMM expressed that he should have passed that round.  Simba Zawadi: FAIL

simba zawadi

Next artist is former Uptown member and current Dynasty Muzik artist/CEO Snacky Chan, who competed on “Show Me the Money 3.”  The contestant forgets his lyrics on two different occasions, but is still passed by at least one producer team.  This causes a huge uproar in the waiting room, with comments like “If it was anyone other than Snacky Chan, the producers probably would have failed the contestant for forgetting his/her lyrics.

The effort by MNET staff to put out the fire is obvious when the episode flashes back to a scene where the producers are asked by MC Kim Jinpyo, “Which contestants do you plan on passing the “Show Me the Money” necklace to?”  To which Kush replies, “My judgement will be based on my gut feeling when I listen to their rap.”  Zion.T comments, “I agree.  Whether or not they forget their lyrics, I think we need to be able to get the feel of their music.”  Gray also contributes to this discussion, “In this season, the contestants may have a different judging criteria than us producers.  As Kush stated, my gut feelings will dictate my decision as a producer, regardless of whether the contestant makes a mistake.

Snacky Chan: PASS.

The next contestant Jung Sang Soo is welcomed with arms wide open by producer Kush, who mentions that they were born in the same year of 1984 and want to become friends. Simon Dominic reminds The Quiett that he is also the same age as Jung Sang Soo; however, The Quiett expresses to keep his distance.  The producers applaud the artist for his old school rap style.  Jung Sang Soo is asked to choose a team, to which he selects Team YG (Zion.T and Kush).  Jung Sang Soo: PASS


Another familiar face is next up: freestyle rapper Seo Chul Goo.  The contestant clarifies his motive to return to the show: “[My motive to win on Show Me the Money] is different from CJAMM’s.  Rather than for money, I came here to be recognized [gain popularity].”  The artist strategically uses Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ as a backing track.  When asked, Seo Chul Goo explains, “As you already know, I was eliminated at the Snoop Dogg cypher mission … I got dropped and as a result, ‘got it hot’ [i.e., became more famous].”  Mad Clown comments, “The message may be clear, but sonically, I found the hook to be mediocre.” Simon Dominic clarifies, “But once you started your verse, it became better.  I enjoyed it.


Many contestants were dropped for choosing the wrong beat for their verse: A-TOM (of ToppDogg)NOIZY FELLA, Kim Il Do.

Next up is Korean dabber myunDo.  He is immediately asked about his sunglasses as he is the first contestant to wear one in this round.  The rapper responds that he wore it because ONE thought he looked cool.  Cue scenes of bromance (???) between myunDo and ONE: 


Contestant myunDo turns up the atmosphere with his impressive trap flow and dabs:myundo dab

myunDo’s performance was impressive to the point that the producers requested the first time ever encore performance.  Kush excitedly asks, “You need to a choose a team.  Which team will you choose?”  To which myunDo responds, “You probably know my answer based on my music style … I would choose 1LLIONAIRE.”  myunDo: ALL PASS.

Next up is YG Entertainment rapper ONE, who the television program portrays as an artist known for his attractive physical appearance.  Zion.T comments, “I was a big fan of yours back in ‘Show Me the Money 4’ … you’re very handsome.”  However, the contestant expresses his thoughts, “To be honest, it’s not a good feeling when people say that I am ‘handsome’ followed by the statement that I am ‘also good at rapping.’  The main reason I stand out in this sea of rappers is not my rap but my ‘visuals’ (physical appearance).  It’s very embarrassing.


Following his performance, despite his pass, the atmosphere becomes gloomy. Gill comments, “You were walking on thin ice.”  Producers recognize that ONE was very nervous.  ONE responds, “I think my nervousness doubled compared to last season.”  ONE: PASS.

Next contestant is HI-LITE Records artist G2.  GRAY clarifies why he passed him in the previous round: “To be honest, I was contemplating on whether to pass or fail him during the first round … He forgot his lyrics.  But I decided to pass him because I enjoyed the first half of his verse.”  The Quiett adds to this statement, “I agree.  I don’t think I would have dropped him for forgetting his lyrics.”  The artist blows the producers away with his powerful performance.  G2: ALL PASS.


Last contestant of this episode is one of the most anticipated: BewhY.  The artist is considered as this season’s most favorite rapper, by both producers and contestants.  Mad Clown breaks the ice, “Now that we’re up and close, you remind me of Jay-Z.”  BewhY responds, “It’s because of my mouth.


Following his impressive performance, the camera zooms into Sanchez’s notepad.  Sanchez draws several stars around BewhY’s name, “I need to avoid BewhY [next round] … I need to avoid him at all cost.

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