Hanhae and Black Nut on SMTM4

San E and Verbal Jint addresses controversy surrounding Hanhae and Black Nut

In Show Me The Money by Andrew

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Hours after the airing of the latest episode of Show Me the Money 4, producer team Brand New Music (San E and Verbal Jint) posted a letter of apology in response to the heated reaction behind the decision behind Show Me the Money 4 contestants Hanhae and Black Nut. Warning: spoilers ahead. Do not proceed unless you watched the latest episode!

To recap the episode, the initial decision of eliminating Black Nut instead of Hanhae was met with confusion and disappointment even within the circle of Show Me the Money producers and contestants. San E and Verbal Jint eliminated Black Nut because he was unable to perform without taking his sunglasses off due to his stage anxiety which was explained numerous times in previous episodes. However, fellow team member Hanhae had forgotten his lyrics during the same performance. The decision to drop Black Nut instead of Hanhae may have been influenced by the fact that Hanhae is in the same company label Brand New Music as producers San E and Verbal Jint.

However, the episode revealed that days after the decision to drop Black Nut, San E and Verbal Jint unexpectedly brought Black Nut into the same room. They announced that their decision to drop Black Nut was a poor one and therefore will have Black Nut continue the rounds, and consequently dropping Hanhae from the show. Black Nut responded in confusion and anger in the form of a rap verse:

Hours after the episode aired, Show Me the Money 4 was met with anger saying perhaps this was a scripted episode influenced by the program directors. San E and Verbal Jint responded accordingly:

Essentially, the two stated that what was revealed on the show was 100% real and under no influence by the program directors. The two producers apologized for their unprofessional actions on the show and was apologetic towards producer team Paloalto & Zico, as well as Hanhae and Black Nut.

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