Owen Ovadoz releases ‘tho you don’t know’ via SoundCloud

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Owen Ovadoz has uploaded the new track ‘tho you don’t know’ to SoundCloud, seemingly in reaction to Debi’s diss track ‘Ovadozed’.

Four days ago, Debi dissed Owen Ovadoz with the track ‘Ovadozed‘. The rapper explained his problem with Owen in detail, which shocked fans who had thought that the two were close. Together, the artists had released two mixtapes as hiphop duo ODB.

Earlier this month, Simba Zawadi had already dissed Owen in the track ‘불꽃’ (lit.: flame/s). Rather than dissing Simba in return, Owen reacted with the track  ‘세금발머리바나난리우드 (saygeumballmariahbananollywood)‘ in which he rapped: “Everybody gotta step on my nerve why? Oh I guess I’m that famous now”

Once again, Owen is not dissing Debi but rather showing a reaction with the track ‘몰라도 (tho you don’t know)‘.

No idea about tomorrow’s schedule
but let’s just do it, no biggie
It’s okay to forget about worries and stuff
Just smoke another one

and my mommy done told me to be a man and i’m sry
I’ve walked around the finish line a lot, unable to find it and losing balance
flowing, my only choice, deciding on a direction and i’m going
My first LP, Problematic crazy addict what you doing?

By mistake I brought back L, tonight once again I bounce back
i get more b*tches then them rly don’t care ‘bout mandem
who’s bout that clout? and they dance smoking ounce oh man God damn
living that crazy LA life style

met up Nicky thank Jesus she all over me chica
bonito, forgot the time, what day of the week is it today?
In the morning, a young girl in an apron is in my place
kitchen cooking breakfast looky she wearing nothing but an apron uh

New friends ask me what I’m up to again
So I reply, you and I won’t be meeting up
I just do music, I’ll go with Jaehoon
yeah me and my boy against the world man fuck them others

and my daddy done told me to be a man and i’m sry
I keep doin it, the problem’s the saewookkang, i keep reaching for it
and i know i didn’t asked for this running like i’m sonic
a penny is pitiful but what does one see without any speck [of dust]?

The capitalism hidden by CJ signboard, [Korean] Eastern politeness
Some coaked 1991-born sheep lost its owner and is wandering around aimlessly
It thought it was a hero but it’s just a sacrificial lamb
Once it notices that it’s already too late, the door’s firmly closed

Though I look hurried, I’m alright,
I just don’t have anything to give you, I’ll do
the calculations, I’ll think about contacting you
don’t think too much now don’t think too much now

Either way, I have no time to diss [anyone].
Don’t have any reason to either, nor a justification
I don’t wanna think about it either and just got annoyed so I wrote lyrics
and people be talking like, ‘what is he talking about?’

As Owen points out himself, it is not very clear what he is referring to in his lyrics, so take the translation rather as an interpretation and with a grain of salt.

Korean fans appear to be confused as well as there have not been any notable reactions to this development.

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