Album covers of SoundCloud releases in March 2017

SoundCloud releases in March (VENIRUS, Soo while!ght, SQUALO, ClaD, Vovy McFly, and more)

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Here is HiphopKR’s monthly overview of everything new and interesting that has been released on SoundCloud, this time with a few new sections.
Instrumentals now have their separate section ‘Beat Tapes’, under ‘Discoveries of the Month’ are introductions of a few talented artists I stumbled on this month, and in ‘Free to Listen’ you will find all the official releases that artists have generously uploaded to SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Use the page index on the right for easy navigation. Enjoy!


  • $electo - Life Selection

    Release Date: March 1
    $ELECTO is part of IVL (Innovation League) and Jotroom, and this is his second mixtape. It has featurings by Gem I, Brealiant, Call Lee, and more. A music video for the track ‘빡빡이’ (lit.: shaved head) has been released as well. MV | Download |  Listen

  • KUMIRA - ★

    Release Date: March 1
    This mixtape is still in the making, it has all in all four tracks of which two have already been uploaded: the intro which was produced by Dawoon (다운), and the track ‘Show my ★’ which features EXN을씨년 and was produced by GILLA. Both are a good listen while we’re waiting for the other two tracks with participation by Small kidd, SABO, SAKE / 94 and code:212. Listen

  • jrmy. - apos:trophy

    Release Date: March 3
    Rapper and producer Jrmy. of Boys in the Hood has released his first mixtape. “apos” in the title stands for “annoying piece of sh*t” and “trophy” refers to success. He naturally produced all tracks himself and received support from his crewmate rudicomingnow (previously: rude ish), Y1lee of Holmes Crew, Rheehab of Puravida, OhLynn and Nahyun Son (손나현). Download |  Listen

  • ᴀᴇᴅᴀ - ғʟᴜxᴜs

    Release Date: March 4
    AEDA’s ‘FLUXUS’ mixtape is more on the experimental side. Although he did not compose the tracks, he wrote, mixed and mastered them and photographed and designed the cover himself. As the title suggests, the mixtape was inspired by the artistic movement ‘Fluxus’. He got help from his crew, Wave023, as well as from BLND BLND and Kim Shin (김신) on the featurings. Download |  Listen

  • Wyvern X Hundred - Cactus

    Release Date: March 4
    Wyvern and Hundred of VIDI Crew have created a mixtape while living together in a rooftop house. There are featurings by Gem I of M.F.M., Gaffer who was in the top four of SRS 2015, and Dumb Glitch, the head of VIDI crew, who also directed the mixtape and created the artwork. Listen


    Release Date: March 10
    The inspirations for this mixtape root in 51 days of traveling in 2015. Judging from track titles like ‘Vélo City’, ‘Homme’ and ‘FREITAG’, the artist traveled through Europe. It is BONA ZOE’s first mixtape and features Syler, Slick O’domar and CH3SVN. Download |  Listen


    Release Date: March 14
    Producer and beatmaker VENIRUS of Puravida has released a blockbuster of a mixtape with a star-studded cast: Ohiorabbit, Frock Qiolet, Rheehab, K.vsh, Bluechangedme, Summer Soul, Kuma Lakerz, and Arti. Listen

  • OS Noma - Old Kid in New Adult

    Release Date: March 14
    Producer OS Noma’s latest mixtape is made up of eleven tracks, three of which are instrumentals that are only included in the download file. The tracks feature Mala Greg, Lay.Bn, SahoGany, Wang Jinjoon (진준왕), FELLAGI, Dookba (둑바), and Khundi Panda. Download |  Listen


    Release Date: March 22
    With a smooth flow and a slightly smoky, lower voice, TOMCAT invites you into his world of rap with his first mixtape ‘SPECTRUM’. Seven tracks of different genres that do not get boring nor disappoint. Listen

  • Vovy McFly - AV

    Release Date: March 24
    Vovy McFly’s ‘AV’ (Anti-Vanity) mixtape is a keeper. His rap initially reminds of BewhY but after a few bars you will find that it is addictive in its own way. Equally replayable is the music video for ‘DSV’ (City Vibe) which was produced by Odd Child. Strongly recommended! MV | Download |  Listen

  • Skinny Brown - Slow Moods Change

    Release Date: March 27
    Skinny Brown of the duo Fryday has released a solo mixtape about the changes in his life. The artwork is a photo of the artist when he was young. ‘Slow Moods Change’ features Leellamarz, Terrine, and 1Dayhallz, and was mixed and mastered by KooKy, Midas P, and JayCoBees’ Panda Gomm. Download |  Listen

  • Soo while!ght - WHILE LIGHT

    Release Date: March 31
    The very last day of the month brought us another blockbuster, this one by popular crew juiceoveralcohol’s Soo whilel!ght. Although the mixtape came out just two days ago, all but one track already have more than 2k plays. This may be amongst others due to the glamorous line-up of featured artists: OLNL, K.vsh, Taerin Hah (하태린), Lym en, Khundi Panda, Ohiorabbit, and Nodsgn. Do not miss out on this! Listen

Beat Tapes


    Release Date: March 13
    You should already know SQUALO by now, female producer of 49 Crew who previously dedicated a whole beat tape to Legit Goons. The tracks on her latest beat tape deliberately do not have any titles so that you can assign each one your very own ‘message’ while you listen. Listen

  • SIDEMAN - Hommage to 90's Vol. 2

    Release Date: March 15
    Volume one came out in November 2016, both are homages to the Golden Era of US-American hiphop. Bomber Box’s beat maker SIDEMAN is already working on a third volume. Listen

  • KooKy - Mental Treatment

    Release Date: March 16
    KooKy of Wayside Town, producer of the duo Fryday, has released this three-track mixtape with boom bap, future bass and jazz sounds. Listen


    Release Date: March 25
    Producer and beatmaker PRANOX has released his first beat tape with a proud number of fifteen tracks. Give these creative beats a listen and you will quickly know why the tape is called ‘YELLOW PICAXXO’. Listen

Discoveries of the Month

Click on the respective image to be directed to each artist’s SoundCloud channel.


Your ears will like what is coming out of this guy’s mouth. Greenthumb is a talented R&B singer and member of TD.N (Thursday.night) Crew alongside O’young, MAZ.B, YAWAH, and BeatOcean.

Recommended Track: Click (Feat. SABO)

For more samples of his amazing voice, visit his Instagram.


Luna-tune raps and sings and her skills are improving greatly with every upload. Her song ‘Ocean-hair’ was the most popular track of the week on Hiphopplaya’s Open Mic board recently and (like many others) she’s trying out for SMTM6. If you’re in need for a new female rapper, do check her out!

Recommended Track: Ocean-hair


Singer-songwriter ClaD of Roman Blackwood Crew has been releasing music since 2015 (so we’re a tiny bit late to the party) and that is how much skill and talent he has built up with his unique voice and flow. The four singles he has released so far are all available on iTunes, two tracks of his first full-length album ‘ACME’ can be found on his SoundCloud channel and videos for it on Roman Blackwood’s YouTube channel. Off you go!

Recommended Track: 허전함 (ft. Rick Bridges)

Free to Listen

Click on the respective album cover to be directed to the tracks on SoundCloud.

  • Sickloo - Naked & Infamous (album cover)

    Sickloo – Naked & Infamous (first official mixtape)
    More info

  • Muzin - The Climb (album cover)

    Muzin – The Climb (Feat. SLEEQ)
    More info

  • Doplamingo - Spectrum Range (album cover)

    Doplamingo – Spectrum Range
    More info

  • Matroos - Hallucination (album cover)

    Matroos – Hallucination (Instrumental)
    More info
    Free to download, not for commercial use

  • donguy - 잠버릇 (album cover)

    donguy – 잠버릇
    More info

  • palooza - Date (album cover)

    palooza – Date (Feat. RODI)
    More info

  • SOMA - Somablu (album cover)

    SOMA – Paleblue (Prod. Jflow)
    More info

  • 1.Z - Seesaw (album cover)

    1nfiniteZero – Seesaw
    More info

  • Glam Gould - WET (album cover)

    Glam Gould – WET
    More info

  • Denzel O'Mighty, Karacin Jr. - Maple10 (album cover)

    Denzel O’Mighty, Karacin Jr. – Maple10
    Note: all tracks but track 9

  • Daljae - Sway (album cover)

    Daljae – Sway (Feat. Olltii)
    More info

  • Leo - Tonight (album cover)

    Leo – Tonight
    More info

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