Epik High - 420 (ft. Double K, Yankie, Dok2, Sean2Slow, Dumbfoundead, Topbob, MYK) cover

Epik High release ‘420 (ft. Double K, Yankie, Dok2, Sean2Slow, Dumbfoundead, Topbob, MYK)’

In Free Music, Music Release by Andrew

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English Lyrics (full credit: icaruswalksnet)

When we take this dirty floor there is purity passion (Korean) and PASSION
This is ten years of whipping TRUE CLASS shit.
Everyone is a slave of time my mental is DJANGO
Always I look like how I look 10 years ago…
With a MIC when I’m hungry I become a PROJECT BOY holding a basketball.
In reality I’m a destitute person my dream is higher than Jordan

[Double K]
Fuck theses hatin’ bitches only my lips are hurtin’.
I have to come here, my only partner.
Top dawg ever since I’ve been in the game
Killa K everyone is putting me into a containment ‘Cause I do this shit so proper.
Contrived deterrence really better stop that gesture.
Before I act it out with my eyes go practice the basics first.
You ain’t say shit, you just talk shit.
Stop reading (Korean) grammar book. I’m your fuckin’ ‘problem’ – you do the math.

From order of sequence one to eight, ninety
imma rip all ya mc young guns, newbies, rookies.
I’m going to rip you out completely in two piece.
You can’t become a Luffy let me v weep ya bitches.
Children’s mind forget about your dream before your flow shatters apart when I look at your friends I’m filled with happiness
My rap, infinity. I can eat and live for a lifetime
A toast to my future cheers, it’s your senpai Yankee im so so fly.
you are just a dust for me don’t ever fuckin try.

Just made 5 hunnit grand a year. Now money ain’t a thang fo me.
Now it become spring this sun light makes me frown.
There is no eternity but I will show you
Until I become an ash I’ll protect my dream with a price.
Dream chaser gettin paper vendetta fo ya fuck rappers.
As I decide to do always been better.
1llionaire three fingers finger fuck em bitches
Shining this shining light on the road to the riches…

Your masturbation ain’t gon change your matter of vision.
Man in wisdom asking better reason for livin’.
You tell me what you listen, what you clearly missin’
Speak what you dissin’ and what do you really wishin’.
Obvious decision shows what the fuck is predicted.
Your dick is falling out, but u still be bitchin’.
Speak out all loud, what u been talkin’ about.
Truth callin’ out, it’s your wordplay, no doubt.

When Korea had their rap beef I thought it was cute,
cause I’ve been cookin K-barbeque since I was like two,
if Kendrick is the king of New York and New York cats sound like Houston,
than some rappers in Seoul sound like Dr. Seuss’s.
No offense, you know all of yall are true friends,
but I don’t give a fuck about your pictures with your new Benz.
talkin’ bout trill shit? let’s take a field trip,
I’ll take you where they kill and deal shit, that’s some real shit.

You are just ignoring and makes my rap like Anisakis.
I’ll live on and work on until I reach (your) brain.
I’m still wearing T-shirts.
Already firmly closed door open sesame.
You lyrics resemble closely as my lyrics.
It’s like you are like a family.
Did you get out of the well? Your rap is amphibians.
If anyone just look at you, you are extremely stinky.

As it’s been written in your history books. Only the great minds get hate by.
blood suckin’ low lives. no diss to be took to the heart.
this is eight by.. they wished to be booked to be a part.
but fuck your fake pride. you bitches are shook. youse a mark.
and better tamed, clever names of mislead misread false antics.
the game is forever changed, respect that.
sever brains from heads that never change.
never slaves only kings. no stress from setbacks.

Should I lit some fire on a grill?
If I don’t rap well should I pour some oil on the bulletin board?
Resembling a dick bitches. Just spit it out.
Yeah, all die somehow boring fight premature ejaculation.
Just ‘COME’ and BACK 99.
I’ll fill it up with ill. Again 100.
Who am I? I’m a fellow who turn around 10 years of time and walk.
When I turn 10 around it becomes eternity or one. We back!

it’s that 420 sound
10 years we been real
started from the underground
now we high as hell

[Tukutz Skratch]
Profit and loss, already decade
I Still use MIC to check it
I still use my pen to run on white paper.

it’s that 420 sound
10 years we been ill
fucka this is how we chill
from 0-3 till

[Tukutz Skratch]
Timeless, so age don’t count in the booth
When your flow stays submerged in the fountain of youth

[Tablo & Mithra]

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