Jin Doggae - 광견병 Part 1 (cover)

Jin Doggae releases first mini album ‘광견병 Part 1’ and MV

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Jin Doggae has released his first mini album ‘광견병 (Rabies) Part 1′ at midnight from May 12 to May 13, along with the music video for the title track ‘Diving (Feat. VEN)’ .

Three years is for some a short, for others a long time. For the artist Jin Doggae it was certainly a time of ups and downs. He who studied at an art college appeared on Mnet’s Show Me The Money 1, was with Finest Records and then even became an independent artist … Looking back at what he has done, he has experienced a lot which helped him grow but also made him ponder on and doubt his choices. His career, the comparison with other audition participants, less concert inquiries, and other problems made him lose inspiration and threw him in a slump. He did keep rapping at concerts and also kept releasing music, but from one point on he seemed to have had distanced himself one step from mainstream music.
Jin Doggae’s new EP ‘광견병 (Rabies) Part 1′ is about that slump. The album title is a reference to his artist name, Jin Doggae which is the name of the Korean Jindo Dog. The initial symptoms of rabies are lethargy and depression which matches the rapper’s feelings during his slump.
The beginning of the album is about the slump itself, the worries, the depression, and the self-reproach that came with it. Jin Doggae raps in his unique style on a calm beat about his personal experiences, in particular the changes of his mind. With the track ‘이겨내야지’ (Gotta Overcome It) he rediscovers his initial mindset and overcomes the slump, and in the title track ‘다이빙’ (Diving) he uses the metaphor of diving to express how he delves into that one thing he wants to do. In the following tracks ‘Your Mind’ and ‘1000.1000.2’ he tells the listeners to believe in him and that he will from now on go ahead slowly after having overcome the depression and lethargy.
Jin Doggae received the main support for this EP from his fellow Krosshartz Crew members. In order to realize what Jin Doggae had thought of, they produced all of the album’s tracks except for the first, and even helped with the album artwork and the music video. Furthermore, the album features AOMG’s Loco, VMC’s Nucksal and VEN, Satbyeol, and Jin Doggae’s younger brother Habin (하빈).
As the album title suggests, this EP is only a prelude. Jin Doggae has promised to release more music this year since he overcame his slump. Look forward to what he has up his sleeve for you.

‘Rabies Part 1’ on iTunes
Tracklist, Credits and Lyrics Extracts
  1. 얼룩말 (Zebra) (Feat. Habin)
    Lyrics by Jin Doggae | Composed by Django, Jin Doggae | Arranged by Django
    Back then when I was happy not knowing happiness, when my only worry was the pile of homework
    No matter what, it seems like I need it, the money. Even 5,000 won made me happy, I think
  2. 가면 (Mask) (Album Ver.)
    Lyrics by Jin Doggae | Composed and arranged by Dakshood
    No matter what I do, it’s no fun. An unknown pressure strangles me
    My friends ask me if I’m well these days, I reply wearing my mask: I’m doing well in my own way
  3. 이겨내야지 (Gotta Overcome It) (Feat. Satbyeol)
    Lyrics by Jin Doggae, Satbyeol | Composed by Grene Man, ENAN, Satbyeol | Arranged by Grene Man, ENAN
    I know that feeling when pride changes to self-torture, I live with it several times a day
    I fly in the sky with happy thoughts, but not too long and I fall into despair again
  4. 다이빙 (Diving) (Feat. VEN) TITLE
    Lyrics by Jin Doggae, VEN | Composed by VEN, ENAN | Arranged by ENAN
    MV directed by COCKY
    Since I was a child, I’ve thought a lot about everything, probably because I was my parents’ oldest son
    My thoughts on etiquette lessons were different but I listened to my parents’ opinion instead of my own
  5. Your Mind (Feat. Loco, Nucksal)
    Lyrics by Jin Doggae, Loco, Nucksal | Composed and arranged by ENAN
    Let’s go back to four years ago, at that time not one person told me that I could be a rapper, I understand
    Actually I wasn’t good at it so I was obviously being stubborn, but I am living the way I want instead of a life decided by others
  6. 1000.1000.2
    Lyrics by Jin Doggae | Composed and arranged by Dakshood
    Today too I busily go somewhere again, as if I had lost my destination
    People easily say it’s not possible, I’ve heard that dozens of times while coming this far
Album Credits

Album produced by Jin Doggae
Design directed by Caleb Kim
Cover designed by Noh Sangyoon
Photography by Noh Sangyoon
Mixed & mastered by EachONE
Recorded by ANJAKE

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Sources: Mnet, Naver Music


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