Eluphant - Man on the Moon (album cover)

Eluphant release album ‘Man On The Moon’

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After three years, hiphop duo Eluphant have returned to the hiphop scene with their album ‘Man On The Moon’, the last part of their three-part album series following ‘Man On The Earth’ and ‘APOLLO’.

Eluphant, who are Kebee and Minos, continue their exceptional musical activities with ‘Man On The Moon’ that is made up of 13 tracks, including their songs ‘Crater’ and ‘등대’ [Lighthouse] that were released in the beginning of this year. Eluphant’s new full-length album ‘Man On The Moon’ is full of Eluphant’s very own and special lyrical and musical spectrum. As the title suggests, the album as a whole tells various stories using the moon as metaphor. It can be said that in the album the utopia is to finally reach the moon. However, sometimes the moon is hit by meteors that form craters which again represent memories of once saying bad things to a past lover and also become the base for each of their fragmented and faint personal loneliness.

And as this album ‘Man On The Moon’ is Eluphant’s first full-length album released under Brand New Music, their new ‘nest’, it shows off with features of famous musicians like Sistar’s Soyou, Verbal Jint, Jooyoung, P-Type, Kim Taewoo, Kim Feel, and more. And that is not all, including the title track ‘심심할때만’ [SimSim / When You’re Bored], ‘월식 150404’ [Lunar Eclipse], ‘이사하는 날’ [Souvenir], ‘꽃’ [Flower], and ‘귀환’ [Home Sweet Home] all have been and will be made into music videos, raising the quality of the album’s production process more than ever. The album’s title track ‘심심할때만’ [SimSim / When You’re Bored] is an R&B-style medium-tempo track that shows off Eluphant’s witty lyrics and reminds you of a summer evening filled with excitement. The song features Sistar’s Soyou, whose husky and charming voice meets Eluphant’s very own distinctive lyrics and structured beat, creating a fantastic chemistry that leaves you unable to not listen to the song and its lingering imagery.

The music video for ‘심심할때만’ [SimSim / When You’re Bored] was directed by South Korea’s famous video art director team DIGIPEDI. It is about a charming woman’s repeating daily routine and was filmed for four days, an unprecedented long time for a music video. DIGIPEDI show the woman’s repeating situations using their special way of editing, giving a different kind of enjoyment than the one you feel from listening to the song only. Let us now go on a journey to the moon together with hiphop duo Eluphant that will fill us up completely with their very own atmosphere and emotions.


Eluphant – Man On The Moon on iTunes


1. 우주소년단 [Space Boys / ABC] (Feat. Lim Hanbyul)
2. 달로 와요 [Come to the Moon / Evening Primrose] (Feat. Jooyoung)
3. 심심할때만 [Only When You’re Bored / SimSim] (Feat. Soyou of Sistar)
4. B There
5. MOTM (Feat. Suda, Huckleberry P, RHYME-A-)
6. 월식 150404 [Lunar Eclipse].
7. 이사하는 날 [The Day of the Move / Souvenir] (Feat. Gyepy of Autumn Vacation)
8. 등대 [Lighthouse / Moonlight House] (Feat. Kim Taewoo)
9. People & Places
10. 잊음 [Forgotten / ISM] (Feat. Verbal Jint, P-Type)
11. 꽃 [Flower].
12. 크레이터 [Crater] (Feat. Kim Feel)
13. 귀환 [Return / Home Sweet Home].

*[translated title / iTunes title]; when there is only one title, the two coincide


Title introductions:

1. ‘우주소년단 (Feat. Lim Hanbyul)’ (Composition: EJSHOW / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos / Arrangement: EJSHOW)
This track announces Eluphant’s new start. A sensuous synthesizer and beat mix with Eluphant’s rap and Lim Hanbyul’s vocals to create a cheerful atmosphere.

2. ‘달로 와요 (Feat. Jooyoung)’ (Composition: Stram, Minos, Jooyoung / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos / Arrangement: Stram)
This song with a groovy beat delivers the message to enjoy our own party on the backside of the moon. Jooyoung’s featuring adds to the song’s mood.

3. ‘심심할때만 (Feat. Soyou of Sistar)’ (Composition: Keeproots, Fascinating, Suh Jungjin / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos, Kim Jihyang / Arrangement: Keeproots, Fascinating, Suh Jungjin, Humbert)
This is an R&B-style medium-tempo track that shows off Eluphant’s witty lyrics and reminds you of a summer evening filled with excitement. The song features Sistar’s Soyou, whose husky and charming voice meets Eluphant’s very own distinctive lyrics and structured beat, creating a fantastic chemistry. The song delivers the lonely feelings of being around each other unable to confirm the other person’s feelings.

4. ‘B There’ (Composition: Kebee, Park Minwoo / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos / Arrangement: Kebee, Park Minwoo)
It tells of Eluphant’s serious confidence that they will not forget their precious dreams and realize them first. You can enjoy Kebee and Minos’ tight rap on this track, accompanied by a funky band sound and a synthesizer.

5. ‘MOTM (Feat. Suda, Huckleberry P, RHYME-A-)’ (Composition: Kebee, Park Minwoo / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos, Suda, Huckleberry P, RHYME-A- / Arrangement: Kebee, Park Minwoo)
This song is about what one feels while sitting on the roof and watching the moon. Eluphant worked on this track with their long-time colleagues Huckleberry P, RHYME-A- and Suda. Each rapper’s characterful rapping on Eluphant’s tasteful beat enthralls the listeners, making you think that they are one team.

6. ‘월식 150404’ (Composition: Kebee / Arrangement: Kebee)
The album’s only instrumental track. Kebee composed it since coincidentally, there was a solar eclipse on the day of Eluphant’s ‘FLY ME TO THE MOON’ Concert on April 4, 2015.

7. ‘이사하는 날 (Feat. Gyepy of Autumn Vacation)’ (Composition: Kebee, Park Minwoo, Gyepy / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos, Gyepy / Arrangement: Kebee, Park Minwoo)
This track is about the sweet and sentimental feelings when moving .

8. ‘등대 (Feat. Kim Taewoo)’ (Composition: Kebee, Park Minwoo, Tenzo & Tasco / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos / Arrangement: Tenzo & Tasco)
“There are times when I feel like the moonlight at night comforts me quietly like the light of a lighthouse. I will become a lighthouse for the young people who have had a hard day today, so lean against me and rest a bit.” The featuring by god’s vocalist Kim Taewoo turns this story that everyone needed even more appealing.

9. ‘People & Places’ (Composition: Score / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos / Arrangement: Score)
In 2003, Eluphant’s members Kebee and Minos stepped into the scene together for the first time by releasing the compilation album ‘People & Places’ that was made up of their respective solo songs. Since then, they have been inspired by people and places. This interesting song is about Eluphant’s role of telling these inspirations honestly to the world. The song’s point of interest are the intelligent lyrics full of wordplays using names of artists they were inspired by and various countries’ names.

10. ‘잊음 (ISM) (Feat. Verbal Jint, P-Type) (Composition: Kebee, Park Minwoo / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos, Verbal Jint, P-Type / Arrangement: Kebee, Park Minwoo)
Lately, a lot of songs are being released and a lot of lyrics are being delivered without any adjustments. This song raises the question if we are not forgetting the ‘worries’ themselves. The two MCs, who have been guiding countless lyrics as lyricists since way back, leave you with even longer lingering images thanks to Verbal Jint and P-Type’s voices.

11. ‘꽃’ (Composition: Kebee, Park Minwoo / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos / Arrangement: Kebee, Park Minwoo)
Is life a flower or a fruit? No, in this song they discover that it is a flower to someone and a fruit to someone else, that we are all growing thanks to someone’s sincerely poured water and shining sunlight and that when we look back in our lonely every-day life for a while, we realize that there are flowers we have to protect.

12. ‘크레이터 (Crater) (Feat. Kim Feel)’ (Composition: Score, Kim Feel / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos, Kim Feel / Arrangement: Score)
This track shines thanks to Eluphant’s imagination and power of interpretation: every time they see the moon’s craters, they are reminded of the scars they gave to a past lover. Kim Feel, with who Eluphant worked on ‘Hitchhiker Travelling to the Milky Way’, features on this song, making it even more sad and refined.

13. ‘귀환’ (Composition: 5mg / Lyrics: Kebee, Minos / Arrangement: 5mg)
The end of the schedule where “I leave my earth and set out for the moon in Apollo.” It is the ‘return’ home. The situation that everyone wants to leave their own loneliness is lonely in itself. Only in the moment when they find out that the person at the place they arrive is in the same situation as them, they turn around to look at their home back there.


Executively produced by Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for Brand New Music
Produced by Eluphant
Promotion & artist management director: Lee Hwa-il
Recorded by Eluphant at Galaxy Map, 9999 at Brand New Music Studio, Jo Junghyun at ARK Studio
Mixed by Master Key at MasterPieceSoundLab, Kebee at Galaxy Map
Mastered by Master Key at MasterPieceSoundLab
Administration director: Kim Hyungwook
Administration & accounting: Yoon Sunghye, Kim Semin
Production coordinator: Master Key, Won Youngheon, Dongnehyung, Kiggen, ASSBRASS, Lissy, 9999, XEPY, Taewan
Artist management: Kim Jonghwan, Jung Mingyoo, Lee Hojin, Choi Hojoon, Kwon Yongwan
Strategy planning: Jung Uibong, Oh Sanghyup
A&R: Yoo Youngjoon, Han Taehee
Marketing & online promotion: Oh Sanghyup, Kim Young-il
Fan marketing: Kim Young-il
Overseas business: Takayama Narisa
Photos: Booba, Bae Jihwan
Art directed & designed by N Designers
Style directors: Min Hyunji, Choi Soomi
Stylists’ assistants: No Bitna, Park Jinshil
Hair: Lime for With Beauty Salon, Han Jooyoung, Goo Hyunmi, Yang Sulhwa
Make-up: Han Jooyoung, Goo Hyunmi, Yang Sulhwa, make-up team for With Beauty Salon
MV & video art directed by DIGIPEDI for ‘심심할때만’, by Kim Dong-gil for ‘월식 150404’, Jung Bo-eun for ‘이사하는 날’, Lee Yoonji for ‘꽃’, Kim Yoosuk for ‘귀환’
Illustration by Choi Jungmin
Presented by Brand New Music


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