Benini - Jaqen H'Ghar (album cover)

Benini releases LP ‘Jaqen H’ghar’

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Hiphop musician Benini has released his project album ‘Jaqen H’ghar‘ today which is named after the Game of Thrones’ character.
Benini produced all tracks, paying attention to their unity. ‘Jaqen H’ghar’ tells of wounds, doubts, resolutions, and hope, and the sincere lyrics contain the artist’s experiences in the last three years.

Benini’s ‘Jaqen H’ghar’ is available on iTunes.

You can also listen to the album on SoundCloud below.


Executive Producer: Benini
Sound Engineer: Nior
Artwork Designer: ALMOND

Track List and Introduction:
  1. Born Again (Intro)
    A three-four time piano track inspired by pianist Chilly Gonzales.
  2. Big Bro
    Benini made this song for someone who has always been loving him as he is, despite the doubts that exist in human relationships.
  3. Too Too
    This track criticizes smartasses who just point out other people’s mistakes without having a dream or trying anything themselves.
  4. Nothin
    This song was inspired by shameful people who judge others based on their social standing and background and do not interact with them as one person to another.
  5. Lovin
    A track whose PBR&B sound and 808 sequencing stand out. It is about meeting a woman at a club in Hongdae.
  6. Let it go (X Girlfriend)
    The story of a man who is conflicted about his ex-girlfriend who only wants exciting relationships.
  7. You & You
    “Only six months ago, I was looking for a job to secure my income, and while doing so I naturally gave up on music.
    I wondered why I did not want to make music anymore and tried myself at doing business as well as at unique jobs, but what could not satisfy me in the end was that I had not been able to make “the music I want to make” because I had only been making music for the sake of success and fame.
    ‘You & You’ is the first track I made after pulling myself together and starting to work on the album. I wanted to ask the listener, “I had such a hard time, what about you?”
  8. Take a Chance
    “After breaking up with the woman I loved the most, a friend told me that she had been secretly working in the adult entertainment industry while going out with me. The news were very hard to accept, but all the things I had been curious about before started to fall into place one after the other, like a jigsaw puzzle.”
  9. 믿어 (Believe)
    “I cannot stay gloomy and pessimistic forever. I’d like to believe in myself and try myself at my dreams.”
  10. Jaqen H’ghar (Outro)
    The priest Jaqen H’ghar from Game of Thrones was the one who inspired me the most in completing this album.
    The actor’s acting skills and the mysterious character overwhelmed me and I wanted to make an album as great as him. I finished composing, arranging, and recording the tracks within two months.”
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Source: Mnet

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