ACACY - friends only (album cover)

ACACY of juiceoveralcohol releases debut mini album ‘friends only’

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ACACY has released his debut EP ‘friends only‘ today with support from his crew mates Khundi Panda and OLNL, K.vsh, Wonstein, and Mad Clown.

ACACY has been active in the indie scene, releasing hit tracks via SoundCloud and collaborating with many artists. In March he participated in Mad Clown‘s mini album ‘Love Is A Dog From Hell‘. The rapper is part of the crew juiceoveralcohol who other popular artists like Khundi Panda and OLNL belong to as well.

In his debut album, the artist proudly proclaims that he and his friends will succeed. On the other hand, ACACY expresses his apologies to those friends of his that he hasn’t had time to meet as often due to his busy life as a musician.

“Around the time I’m hanging my head
and one packet of cigarettes 
is not enough
My cellphone lights up
There’s a message from you
Sorry I’m busy
but I miss you
I don’t want to pressure you
What are you up to today?”

Besides ACACY’s crew mates Khundi Panda and OLNL, the album also features K.vsh who is releasing his own debut album in three days time. Further worthy of note are the producers: There is 1of1, who has worked with Primary on ‘Pop’, badassgatsby aka LuKydo, and Sunday Candy who has produced for Crucial Star and Kidd King. Popular indie artist NOVEL produced the title track.

Check out the music video for the title track ‘SUMMER (Feat. OLNL)’ below!

‘friends only’ Track List & Credits:
    Produced by 1of1, ACACY
    Lyrics by ACACY
    Arranged by 1of1
  2. UMOYEAH (Feat. Khundi Panda)
    Produced by badassgatsby, ACACY
    Lyrics by ACACY, Khundi Panda
    Arranged by badassgatsby
  3. ASIAN JOMUREGI (Feat. Khundi Panda, K.vsh)
    Produced by badassgatsby, ACACY
    Lyrics by ACACY, Khundi Panda, K.vsh
    Arranged by badassgatsby
  4. MISSING CALLS (Feat. Wonstein) 
    Produced by Sunday Candy, ACACY
    Lyrics by ACACY, Wonstein
    Arranged by Sunday Candy
    Produced by NOVEL, ACACY
    Lyrics by ACACY, OLNL
    Arranged by NOVEL
  6. SOLO DOLO LULLABY (Feat. Mad Clown)
    Produced by acounta, ACACY
    Lyrics by ACACY, Mad Clown
    Arranged by acounta
Album and MV Credits:

Executive Producers: Chanwoo Seok, ACACY
Co-Producer: STONESHIP
Investing Producer: KIWOOMINVESTMENT
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Dominic Dot Okune at 669 Studio
Photography: udumo
Video Director: FREMUSE
DOP: Minu Kim
First AC: Heegun Kim
ACs: Eonho Lee, Eunhye Kim
Editing & Graphics: FREMUSE
Artwork: Yoonppe
A&R Director: Chanwoo Seok
A&R Assistants: Shinwoo Yoon, Jaeho Jung

‘SUMMER’ Music Video:

Follow ACACY:


Source: Mnet

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