Move The Crowd

[Recap] Move The Crowd – Chapter 16

In Miscellaneous by Lena

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Read my recap of hiphop webtoon Move The Crowd’s sixteenth chapter.

인맥힙합 (2) (Connections Hiphop (2))

This episode focuses completely on Vismajor, especially Don Mills, and once again explores the topic of “connections hiphop”.
In the beginning, Deepflow is in the studio with Buggy, Dae-il, and Don Mills, recording his part for Klassik‘s new single when Wutan comes in. Don Mills is reading negative comments directed at him which say that he has zero skills and only used connections to get to where he is. Wutan tells him to stop reading those and not mind them.
Don Mills changes the topic to “the kid from the club” (Doosik), saying that he reminds him of himself.
Throwback to 2012. We see Don Mills trying to hand out his CDs to passersby and labels. Via Facebook he also sends it to Vismajor who he has always been a fan of. To be polite and nice, Deepflow replies to Don Mills, saying that he’s good and should keep going. However, he doesn’t really like it and lets Wutan, Ven, and Baby Nine listen to it, who all don’t find it bad.
Eight months later, Don Mills is still handing out his CDs. G2 tells him to already go to a label and ask if he may join them, but Don Mills declines: “That’s no use. I have to keep going until they acknowledge me one day and ask me to join them.”
The two are about to go get food when Staillest greets them and introduces them to his crew members Deepflow, Wutan, and ODEE. Don Mills greets Deepflow: “You remember me, right? You messaged me on Facebook and we have also met at concerts.” However, Deepflow has no idea who Don Mills is …

Hidden News

Klassik has a single coming up which features Deepflow.


  • Deepflow
  • Wutan
  • Buggy
  • Dae-il (대일)
  • Don Mills
  • VEN
  • Baby Nine
  • G2
  • Staillest
  • ODEE


  • Read about “connections hiphop” in the recap of the last episode.
  • Don Mills’ early stage name was Hwangma K (황마케이).
  • The names of the people writing the hateful comments about Don Mills are “Ryoo Sang-goo” (Deepflow) and “Park Chan-gyoo” (Wutan).
  • Both Don Mills and Wutan studied abroad in Toronto.
  • Don Mills asks G2 if he doesn’t feel hot with his hairstyle in summer and also says that it seems to stink. G2 replies upset: “Don’t mess with my hair! It is my pride and dedication!”
  • We see three “versions” of Wutan: his current appearance, as well as him from 2012 (before SMTM) and eight months later (after SMTM) to which the authors added a little note: “became slightly better looking thanks to being on TV.”


Move The Crowd – Chapter 16: 인맥힙합 (2) (Connections Hiphop (2))

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