Giriboy (by Hiphopplaya)

Giriboy – ‘Fatal Album II’ Interview with Hiphop Playa

In Interviews, Translated Interviews by Lena

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Read Giriboy’s interview with Hiphop Playa from February 2013 about his ‘Fatal Album II’.

Hiphop Playa (Hip): Hello. Please greet the members of Hiphop Playa.

Giriboy (Gi): Hello. I am Giriboy. Ha ha!

Hip: Let’s talk about your debut first. You debuted with the name Giriboy. What does it mean?

Gi: The name Giriboy means “to see the way”1)in Korean 길이 보이 [giri boi], [implying] that no matter what I do, the things in front of me are bright and promising. If I do anything else than music, for example painting, I want to use this name.

Hip: So when did you first start doing music?

Gi: I’ve always liked listening to music. In my first year of high school I saw [videos of ] people rapping on the Internet and thought “I should try this too.” That’s when I started rapping. At first I made short pieces out of instrumentals, then I wanted to compose them myself and received a software from a friend. I started [rapping and composing] in my first year of high school.

Hip: The name Giriboy was officially know after you debuted with the track ‘You look so good to me’. How did it feel to release a song for the first time?

Gi: Good, of course. It was the first song I released and it was made at the time the album was released, so it contained a deeper meaning.

Hip: Then did ‘You look so good to me’ make you want to do music as your profession for the first time? Or did you already wanted to do so before?

Gi: I wanted to do so before. There was no decisive opportunity that made me start doing music, but before that I was already thinking of making music [as my main profession].

Hip: ‘You look so good to me’ was released in December 2011, but I heard you made that song in your third year of high school. Other than this song, are there any songs you’ve made before, that have been released now?

Gi: Yes, a lot. Nearly half of the tracks on the Fatal Album EP are tracks I made in high school.

MV: Giriboy – You Look So Good to Me (Feat. Swings) [12/05/2011]

Hip: After ‘You lo