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Welcome to the introductions board!

Feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a few interesting facts about yourself.  Don't forget to tell us your favorite Korean hip-hop artist(s)!  The more information you provide, the more we can connect with you and show you around. 

Before you create your first post, we strongly encourage you to read our community guidelines.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Posted : September 4, 2017 11:11 pm Pascaln93, STR33TKIT55, ArtIsLong and 1 people liked
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I'm Gabes, 20 years old artist, born and raised in Brazil <3

I fell in love with korean hiphop scene in 2010, when I first found out about Epik High, Drunken Tiger and Dok2 (Thunderground Musik, lets get it).
As a young rapper myself, I gotta say that brazilian rap scene is really great, but compared to the korean, we are still growing. That doesn't mean you should sleep on brazilian hip-hop, we have some pretty awesome stuff happening here.

I also really like 1st and 2nd gen of kpop, and the whole 90's vibes on korean songs and stages, is mad cool.

I'm here to have some fun and make some friends~

"Suvaco, my minas e manos. Obrigado!"

Posted : September 5, 2017 2:58 am Andrew and mistykeem liked
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My name is Sara, i'm 19, from Sweden!
I got into korean hiphop around 2014-2015, thanks to Epik High, Mad Clown and ZICO. 

Fun fact, I made my final project + paper in high school about korean hiphop, made a photobook and a report.

Some of my favourite korean hiphop and R&B artists are Epik High, CODE KUNST, Yankie, millic, Hanhae, KittiB, Dynamic Duo, G.Soul, SURAN, Samuel Seo, DEAN, just to mention a few. 

Nice to meet you! 😉

Posted : September 5, 2017 5:48 am gabelegal, Lena, Andrew and 1 people liked
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I'm Misty, 21 years old from Colombia! Yes, South America is here, ayy!

Honestly I define myself a newbie in this HipHop thing. 
As a child my music interests were a bit different but while in the rock scene I had a "guide" that advised me some artist and stuff, in the HipHop I was kind of alone.  *sigh*
Now, since like..four years, I let my otherside came out and started searching for whatever the genre had to offer to me.. then some friend introduced me to Kpop and-- a mess. I was a BIG fan of some old groups and I was losing it lol 

It was love at first sight with Dok2 and with him a lot of other rappers start to attacking me later, everyday. 

I hope to meet some cool people over there and I hope to learn more about the genre. I warn y'all that I miss the whole Forum thing (like the good old days)  so I'll write a lot eheh.~  

THANKS for reading! <3 (and sorry If there're any mistakes, next time I'll write in spanish smh )

P.S.: Illionaire/Ambition boys are my entire world and I'll fight everyone who mess with them. 


Posted : September 5, 2017 7:25 am Andrew and HipHopKINGS liked
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Hey guys! 

My name is Anna, I'm 18 years old and I'm from the US. 

My love of hiphop began with Gaeko's "Rhythm is Life", so I'm still new to the k- hiphop scene! From there I was able to branch out and I now love a variety of different artists like Jay Park, Zion.t, Rhythm Power, G.Soul and of course my favorites, the Fanxy Child Crew (SMTM winners! $$$). 

Other than music, I have to say that I love soccer as well as video games, so any Manchester United fans or Switch players hit me up! 

I can't wait to meet everybody! Thanks for reading 😀 

Posted : September 5, 2017 7:38 am babycorgi, Andrew and mistykeem liked
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My name is Daniel and I'm from Canada. I'm really into the underground hiphop scene and wrote a couple articles for hiphopkr! 

I have too many artists to list as my favourites but I will say that my fav albums this year are Primary's Shininryu and OFFONOFF's boy. 

Posted : September 5, 2017 10:06 am gabelegal, Lena, babycorgi and 1 people liked
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Hii I'm VyVy. So excited for this forum! 🙂 

I got into K-hiphop during my first year of college with Beenzino! I've been a loyal Jwalker since day 1 and love Jay Park a lot. My favorites are those two of course, AOMG, H1GHRMUSIC, 1LLIONAIRE, DPR LIVE, and Epik High. But I'm really down to listen to any Khiphop song that sounds good.  😀

Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Posted : September 5, 2017 10:16 am Andrew liked
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I'm Khim, 19 years old.

I just love HipHop.. not much sociable but I'll do my best.


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Posted : September 5, 2017 10:24 am Andrew liked
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Hello! My name is Cassie and I am 26 years old and from the US. 

I've been into K-HipHop for about 5-6 years? I honestly don't know when I really started listening to it but I started paying more attention to it at least 5 years ago. I got into it through Drunken Tiger and Supreme Team. 

Ive grown up listening to American hip hop so it's very fascinating to watch the Korean hip hop scene evolve and grow. 

I both hate and love SMTM. Some of my favorite artists include Double K, Tiger JK, Mad Clown, Dynamic duo, Swings, Verbal Jint and my all time favorite group Epik High.

Ive been lucky enough to see some of these artists perform here in the states. I cannot wait to check out the club/night scene when I move to Korea next year to see more of the underground artists perform. 

other than that I love to travel and it's nice to meet you all! 

Posted : September 5, 2017 11:28 am Andrew liked

Hey everyone. My name is Sarah, I am an American and I've been into Korean hip-hop for the last year and a half. My favorite artist is the Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead, but I also really like Jay Park, Dok2, Awkwafina, and Keith Ape. I am excited to get exposed to new music on here. I am not fluent in Korean and mostly memorize the lyrics phonetically but have actually considered studying Hangul because of how much I love this genre. Maybe one day! Other about me info is that I am a health scientist and my hobbies are archery, painting, games and yoga. I have a dog and two cats and an impressive library of books. I'm happy to meet all of you!

Posted : September 5, 2017 11:54 am gabelegal and Andrew liked
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I shouldn't have quote, it erased all my post :/

So I reintroduce myself:

Hello! Nice to meet you all! I'm Pascal, 24 years old from France.

I'm really excited for this forum since there's no place like this in my language where I can talk about K-Hip-Hop. I hope we could grow a cummunity to share our passion 😀

I've been a K-Pop listener since 2011. It's Tablo's solo album which introduced me to K-Hip-Hop. Naturally, I became a Epik High big fan and now I have a big list of favorites artists. If I have to quote the main, I'll say Epik High, Fanxy Child Crew, Illionaire, Sik-K, DPR LIVE. I'm also a big K-R&B fan!

I've got the opportunity to see some of my favorites artists perform when they came to France: Dok2/The Quiett, Crush/Millic, Elo and Club Eskimo (Dean, Miso, 2xxx!)/SAAY. I also wrote a article about Benini in "Artist Spotlight" section, go check it if you have the time 😉

Posted : September 5, 2017 5:03 pm babycorgi, mistykeem, Lena and 1 people liked
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I'm tina, 22 yrs old from los angeles - I'm relatively new to khiphop/r&b with dean being my first exposure about a year ago when my roommates (who are all obsessed with kpop) told me to check out his stuff and next thing I knew I was in line to see him at the Mayan in this past December (an amazing show with starRo too!) I just finished an internship in music/arts management and its expanded my music palette a lot and I really enjoyed watching this seasons' show me the money, I wouldn't have known which producer team to pick if I were a rapper because they were all so good! I really like Zico, G.Soul, ONE, Crush, Zion.T, DPR Live, punchnello, Penomeco, Nucksal, Hash Swan, Junoflo, Loco, Dynamic Duo…. basically anything Club Eskimo/Fanxy Child, I'll support AOMG as well even though its not my sound 🙂 

Posted : September 5, 2017 5:19 pm Andrew and Foshydia liked
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I'm Lydia, a 21 years old gyopo from SoCal and I was introduced to k hip hop (and non-radio hip hop in general) about 7 years ago when I overheard my cousins talk about Yoon Mirae and my one cousin graffitied "supreme team" and "moodswingz" on our whiteboard thing (I actually did not know what moodswingz meant until WAY later haha). But I do not have a cumulative knowledge on it since I had multiple phases with music through out the years, giving some genres more attention and others not. (And in general I find that keeping up with music kind of hard haha). 

But I'm getting into the khh phase again because contestant-wise I loved this season of SMTM. I became so obsessed with 넉살 that I can't even describe it.

I hope more people fluent in Korean can join this forum to help me appreciate the songs that are not about boobs and booty in even greater depth! 

Posted : September 6, 2017 12:34 am babycorgi, Andrew and mistykeem liked
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Hi! My name is Ola, 22 yo from Poland. I listen to korean music in general from 2 years now. I started with "classical k-pop" as EXO and others but I switched to hip hop, r&b and alternative stage really fast. To be honest I love this genres no matter in which language they are made. Still have contact with korean pop because with my friends we launched website for polish fans about k-pop 1,5 year ago. The most popular in Poland is BTS (I guess this is not a suprise) but more and more people are interested in hip-hop part and underground stage.

Usually I look for new music, styles, sounds and genres on Soundcloud or here, on HiphopKR.

So first were Crush and Zion. T, who my friend was listening and dancing to. Still they are two of my favs. I love vibes of Amoeba Culture, FanxyChild, club eskimo (Millic won my heart with his "VIDA"), AOMG but I'm not really attached to any of them.

In spite of khh I listen to latin music (I lived in Spain for 5 months and the Latin people there influenced me a lot, also with the language and dance), polish music, classical, commercial, french and britich rap... like everything? I can't imagine that I wound't be surrounded with music and dance.

I'm glad the forum was created. I don't have many contacts with people who are interested in that kind of music so I wait for new people to meet and talk about what we like. Share our knowledge, interests and so.

Nice to meet you all guys!

Posted : September 11, 2017 3:19 am Andrew, Pascaln93, ArtIsLong and 2 people liked

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