Wutan - My Name Is My Name (Pierrot Remix) cover

Wutan – MNMN Pierrot Remix

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: MNMN Pierrot Remix
  • Artist: Wutan
  • Album: MNMN Pierrot Remix
  • Year: 2013
  • Original lyrics
  • Original translation: Emma
  • Edit: Lena



Verse 1)
Eyes like my mother’s,
nose like my father’s
Only now I understand the words
“I know everything from one look at your back”

Every time I step out the door and walk down the hall,
I know they can’t let go of the doorknob,
wondering if I am really alright, and watch me
I don’t hear the sound of the door closing until I turn the corner

My family’s worries and my selfishness, all these gave me
my potential of believing that I can make it
It’s too hot but I’m grasping it tight and can’t let go
This moves me but at the same time it’s a rival that blocks me

Although possibility reaches its hand out to me every time,
that hand says “not yet,” and pushes me back, telling me to wait a bit longer
Guys who say they’re living in reality tell me to wake up from my dream
I know that too, stop the nonsense, this is a lucid dream1)Reference to Wutan’s ‘자각몽 (Feat. Gray)’

Go tell ‘em I say “Fuck you,” I’ve been crushed several times
Even if you crush me until I’m unable to move, it’s okay if I can just lift a finger, nightmare2)‘가위에 눌리다’ (lit. to be crushed by a nightmare) means ‘to have a nightmare’ in Korean. It actually refers to sleep paralysis, one cannot move at all, but if one manages to move at least one finger, the nightmare will end.
People teach me that the world isn’t easy
Every time that happens, like Gaeko I say “Whatever will be, will be”3)Reference to Gaeko’s ‘될 대로 되라고 해’

I do what I do
Don’t tell me what to do

I stand on my name boy

You just need to smile at me
Don’t slander and judge me viciously
You just need to smile at me

Verse 2)
I’m a clown of the Braun tube that talks a lot
There is an audience of thousands or ten thousands watching me
My opponent is the possibility that’s egging me on to get 2nd place
You bastards who babbled to me about my limits and said I couldn’t do it, look closely, I’m here

The way you see it, the program4)Most possible a reference to Show Me The Money is a race for breakthrough
But I’ve walked all the way here, you all know the tortoise and the hare
Light it up,5)Possible reference to G-Dragon’s ‘불 붙여봐라 (Light It Up) (Feat. Tablo, Dok2)  who will be burned and who will be left over?
While the real ones form mountains, the retards are a few trees

Although most, nearly all, of the kids who want attention
can rap a bit, eventually they’re just a laughing stock, Chulgu6)Chulgu (real name: Lee Yejun) was a famous pro-gramer who ended up being a BJ on Afreeca TV doing silly stuff.
Those extremely pretentious street players who are all talk,
I’ll keep my mouth shut and show them




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