Verbal Jint - The Good Die Young cover

Verbal Jint – Searchin’ (feat. The Quiett)

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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  • Title: Searchin'
  • Artists: Verbal Jint, The Quiett
  • Album: The Good Die Young
  • Year: 2009
  • Original lyrics


Yeah, you know I’m still searchin’
Searchin’ for something that’s forever

Chorus x2)
In search of the diamonds, something that’s forever
At this confusing place that endlessly changes
I search for something that will become my map
I’m searchin, I’m searchin’, I’m searchin’

Verse 1)
I’m still searchin’ you having been watching me for several years
from the side, [knowing] what that feels like
is only possible in my imagination
Up to this age, I didn’t throw away my childlike beliefs and dreams

and held onto them,
which made you exhausted and made things difficult for you,
I know, please accept my apologies
As I still have [some] things left to do

I might hurt you again
However, if I didn’t do it this way, I wouldn’t be able to even move an inch
All the things we promised to do together,
now your memories [about them] become dim

When there are no traces left of them, you don’t believe my words
In frustration, we fight a lot more than we talk
From precious friends what are we changing into?
Damn I miss the good hours, my friend

Chorus x2)

Verse 2)
I’m still searchin’
If I hadn’t received that glass of alcohol yesterday, how would today be for me?
I lose the morning and stumble
I get out of bed and see myself in the mirror

and again I’m flooded with regret
The words that flowed and brimmed over, were they real or not?
While I’m still waiting for the light to change,
someone just runs across the street

Am I the only one who’s wrong?
Sometimes I skipped class with you and together we came to this place
The scribbles of that time have been erased and there’s only the chilly sunlight [shining] on the white line of the track
I adjust my collar, with my breath

I melt my hands and I turn back
The answers we wanted to find
are coming closer, right?
Believing that, I welcome the new day

Chorus x2)

Verse 3: The Quiett)
I always made great efforts to find something
and also made great efforts to rid myself of the things I had found
Haha, it seems like that’s life
It seems like that’s how we’re supposed to live

Even in my short life, I have a lot of stories
Even if these can’t become a movie, they can become a drama
I learned a lot
Love, loyalty, and the meaning of the words: ‘No regret even if I die’

But I’m still searchin’
Now there are a lot more things I have to do
The answers to life that I need to find whose blueprint is spread out
Beats I have to make, lyrics I have to write,

fans I have to write autographs for, samples I have to find
No matter what they say I do things in my style
I also don’t know where I need to go
So searchin’ like Ayers, searchin’ like The Coasters 1)a) Roy Ayers – Searchin’
b) The Coasters – Searchin’

Chorus x4)


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