Vasco, Cjamm, Black Nut, Nochang - Indigo Child (cover)

Vasco, Cjamm, Black Nut, Nochang – Indigo Child

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Warning: NOT suited for minors!

These lyrics contain a lot of references and parts that needed interpretation in order to translate them. The translation’s correctness is never guaranteed, tips or comments are always welcome, as well as questions. Just tweet @HiphopKR_Lyrics or leave a comment below.
If you don’t know what an Indigo Child is, go here.
All artists rap about being different than other people, as the title suggests, only Black Nut’s stance on the topic is different. He holds on to the idea that we are all pretenders (losers) just the same and that there are no Indigo Children.
There is a lot more to note and interpret than indicated below, I have only noted what I deemed necessary, the rest is up to you (since this is supposed to be a translation and not an interpretation anyway, but it cannot be helped sometimes).



Verse 1: Vasco)
After seeing me, adults click their tongue
They look at me like I’m a hopeless case, I’ve passed my mid-thirties
and get tattoos and walk holding the hand of my son
I let him sit on the very top of the very top, I carry him

Seobi says that his dad is the best
When he calls me the best, I become the best
It somehow feels like things will get several times greater this year
I’ll fill up my pockets and then count the fallen leaves,1)this refers to bills of money ah

Let’s talk about my future after it’s become my future
It’s raining outside, the rain shower from two years ago doesn’t stop, JM JM JM2)reference to Just Music’s ‘Rain Showers
The delinquent all of you looked down on will soon be living in the place above you
I’ll set up a seesaw in my living-room and nail woofers on it

DJ spin that shit, JM keep spit[ting] that shit
Roll one and hit that shit, with a Black Card3)a high-end credit card split that shit
DJ keep spin[ning] that shit, JM keep spit[ting] that shit
Keep roll[ing] and hit[ting] that shit, fallen autumn leaves,4)this refers to bills of money we split that shit

Verse 2: Cjamm)
Hey, man you haven’t changed at all, how long has it been? About three years? How have you been?
Is your older sister well? She’s getting married next year? Wow. Ah, I see
Well, I’m the same, a track I released for free hit it quite big
What about BewhY? Ah, yes BewhY goes to the same college, yes, I keep forgetting this

Anyway, time seems to pass really fast indeed, it seems like two days ago [since I’ve seen you], we’ve got a lot to talk about
Yeah right, I remember that place, I think LB5)Lazy Bones of Cjamm’s crew Sexy Street still goes there from time to time
Man I told you back then, didn’t I? That I’d conquer Korean hiphop
Yet, me too, I am afraid of what’s outside of the daily life of test-taking that I’ve been leading so far

If I work up the courage and drop out I’d have wasted one year, thinking about it now it’s nothing to dwell on about
I’ve succeeded so everything turned out well, my friend, as far as I remember, the work you’re currently doing
does not seem to make you who you [truly] are either, don’t say that I’m a special case, no
I am not making fun of your situation, follow your soul at least from now on, bruh

Don’t mix up the order, for now, choose it if you want it
For example, why do you fear that the woman over there won’t clink glasses with you?
You and she don’t know each other man, trying won’t hurt, uh
I go my way, but it feels like setting an example

Verse 3: Black Nut)
These assholes are as usual nothing but bluffing, wearing jeans that are tight around the balls and go “Turn up!”6)털ㄴ업
If the pants are not made of cotton I don’t wear them, disgusting bastards, interpret it literally, don’t fuck with me
You want to become like Pac, Biggie, but tell me if you’re having a hard time, I’ll put a bullet in your puss, bitches
I’m not interested in watches, I want to buy online, not childishly an item for Sudden Attack7)online game, first-person shooter but a real gun

To be honest, I jerked off while looking at a photo of KittiB, of course before seeing her on Unpretty [Rapstar].
You guys can’t say things like this, you always just try to hide yourselves
Anyone can see clearly how much of a coward you are, your rap is all lies, except for when you take a breath
I secretly read Swings-hyung’s KakaoTalk message when he left his phone unlocked, Cjamm has rated y’all too highly, y’all are the female elementary schoolers of Korean hiphop

Vasco-hyung called me cool. He says he can never do what I do since he’s been branded
as being a tough man. Why, hyung? Where’s the problem with having some cream stuck to your nose hair?
The women who used to sit next to me at clubs all talked fucking bad about rappers
Why do y’all pretend every night in front of the mic to be the cotton swab below those bitches? Talk about it all the time like Swings-hyung

I do rather well, I don’t pretend but I pretend that I pretend, I am not greater
than a kimchi woman’s tits,8)Kimchi woman (김치녀) is a pejorative term for a certain type of women/girls. The exact requirements/characteristics are not very clear and they have been changing over time as well. Some are: they see men just as a means, they want to have equal rights as men but still want to be treated like a lady … I’m not standing out either, I know that we are all pretenders9)The word 찌질이 can have a lot of meanings, like someone who is nothing but a nuisance, who is of no help, who just pretends, who is childish … I usually translate it as ‘loser’, but in this context, ‘pretender’ is more fitting. indeed
Don’t hide your truth, drop your shit easy like the asshole of a demented elderly person
What you’re really worried about is your position that’s falling,10)as in: the ‘high’, important position is getting less important not the truth behind the Sewol Ferry incident11)This and the previous line are said to be directed at MC Meta who was criticized by some for his suddenly very political lyrics in ‘Show Me the Hiphop‘ where he raps: “Everyone has already forgotten the pain of the Sewol Ferry.“ Black Nut is supposed to be implying here that MC Meta only wrote those lyrics because he was worried about losing his position as a great/important Korean rapper and not because he actually cares about the Sewol Ferry incident.

Narration)12)From the movie ‘Our Twisted Hero’ (South Korea, ’92) based on the novel of the same name; the text in squared brackets is part of the original text but not in the song (*)
[Listen up!] Don’t just complain that you don’t want to be his errand boy
but think about becoming a powerful class president too!
Why can’t you come up with that idea [you weakling]!?

Verse 4: Nochang)
I hate the system, I hate society too and I hate rules
I also hate the beat13)Which is why he raps off-beat here
I also hate that I have to do well
I hate you guys

I honestly hate you guys so much who [actually] ponder on the question of
shit that tastes like curry or curry that tastes like shit14)This question can really be found on Korean message boards.
I hate you guys who don’t know that you’ll never
eat shit anyway

Let’s count again, the number of homeroom teachers [I had] is twelve, what is that multiplied by five?15)If you calculate as instructed, you get the next number he mentions:
60 * 5 = 300
300 * 5 = 1,500
1,500 * 2 (“by the number two”) = 3,000
3,000 * 5 = 15,000
Whatever this is supposed to mean …

The number of teachers [I had] at cram schools that I went to since the age of twelve equals sixty, what is that multiplied by five?
The number of my classmates who graduated equals 300, what is that multiplied by five?
The number of people of this generation who are in a critical mental condition

equals 3,000. What is that multiplied
by five? By the number two, life
is divided into success and failure, even though I’ve learned all the formulas, fuck
it all and [look at] the money I’ve earned[, I] who only remembers the four fundamental arithmetic operations

I am still angry because of those formulas
My comrades who I’ve acknowledged are angry as well
If you’re not angry you can’t become Picasso16)This is a pun on the word “화가” which is used in the phrase ‘to be angry’ (화가 나다) and can also mean ‘painter’.
so I am always this society’s nail that sticks out17)Reference to Swings’ ‘튀어나온 못 (Feat. Nochang)’

Outro: Nochang)
Taliban Picasso18)Reference to Beenzino’s ‘Dali, Van, Picasso’
Yeah, Taliban Picasso
Taliban Picasso (What?)
Taliban Picasso, yeah

The deaconess who said that I’d succeed is now a fortune-teller19)Reference to Cjamm’s line in ‘Just’: “The fortune-teller who said I wouldn’t succeed is now a deaconess” (*)

I hate the system

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