Ugly Duck - ASIA (album cover)

Ugly Duck – ASIA (Feat. Reddy, JJJ, DJ Scratch Nice)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Intro: Reddy)
KR on the beat, the place I was born
is Seoul City
Orca Ninja, I stab you with my tongue
like Musashi


KR on the beat 내가 태어난 곳
서울특별 city
orca ninja 혓바닥으로 널 찔러
마치 무사시

I bring the things I used to imagine into reality,
like Jumanji
I act as if I had already gained everything, inside
I’m already rich

내가 상상하던 일을 나는 현실로 데려와
마치 주만지
이미 나는 다 가진 것처럼 행동해 맘은
이미 부자지

Verse 1: Reddy)
I rep that killer whales
My attitude is definite no matter where, like the color of orcas
You’re not working hard at all, you won’t be able to become me
All night you blame me and pointlessly feel that it’s unfair

I rep that killer whales
어디서든 확실한 내 태도 마치 범고래 색
노력 하나 안 하고 내가 되지 못한 너는
밤새 내 탓하면서 괜히 억울해해

Underwater Squaaaa, this is the attack of the ninjas
Won, dollar, yen, I take ’em and move ’em to my bank account
You can’t fit in here, how dare you say that?
Everything I do is kanji, this is a super power

underwater squaaaa 이건 닌자들의 공격
원 달러 엔 챙겨 내 계좌로 옮겨
너는 여기 못 껴 어디서 입을 놀려
내가 하면 모든 게 다 간지야 이건 초능력

No matter what the kiddies blabber about
You just trust us
We won’t change, that’s natural
So you just trust me

애새끼들이 뭐라고 씨불여대든
넌 그냥 우릴 믿어
우린 안 변해 그게 당연해
그니까 넌 그냥 나를 믿어

Google Maps, Google Maps, without me
y’all would be lost again
Look for another job, man
Shove your résumé around

구글맵 구글맵 내가 없으면
너네들은 또 길을 잃어
다른 직업 알아봐 man
이력서나 들이밀어

Verse 2: JJJ)
Another new experience, ha
A tattooed woman crying, manufacturing nice
An unchanging heart, a style that lasts
Crack up, get dinero

また新たな experience ha
泣いてるタトゥーの女 nice を製造
変わんねー心 style を継続
Crack up, get dinero

The glass that’s overflowing with boring talk
I throw it at you right away, disappear! All my life
I rep yellow skin
when I stand in a corner, vagabondo, bienvenida

くだらない話溢れた そのグラス
即ぶんなげて消えろ 生涯まとう
yellow skin を rep
コーナーに立つ侍 vagabondo bienbenida

Welcome, salute to Yellaz
They’re starving too, the fresher industry has died
It’s the same everywhere, my ninja, Asia
Reddy, Duck, wassup? Murder like Kill Bill

よくきた yellaz に敬礼
やつらも飢えて more fresh 業界は死んだ
どこも同じだ my ninja asia
reddy duck wassup murder like a kill bill

A yellow jersey, yearning for the sky
Flip is a mentality, a romance of time
The 1st scorching heat, sunrise
Red sunny-side-up eggs

黄色いジャージ 空に憧れた
flip は心理 時へのロマン
1stの灼熱 サンライズ

Floating Tama River, live in the Kawasaki
The bass kicks in, check Asia
Words are a geisha that begins to dance, gather, Zipangu, [in] Shibuya
We live it up like

浮かぶ多摩川 live in the Kawasaki
蹴るバース check Asia
言葉は踊り出す芸者 集うジパング渋谷
we live it upまるで

bombs from Cloud9
2015, the books document
My ninjaz, y’all good? The nicest flow
On the drums, a seal of approval

2015 記録する書物
my ninjaz 元気 flow の nicest
太鼓の上 太鼓判ー

Verse 3: Ugly Duck)
A far-away country, a neighboring country, crossing the ocean
we fly, living like the movies
In every nook and cranny of the peninsula, Southeast Asia, the islands, until the continents
Ignoring the countries[‘ borders] we keep reaching out

먼 나라 이웃나라 바다 건너로
날아 영화처럼 살아
방방곡곡 반도에서 동남아, 열도, 대륙까지
나라 불문하고 뻗어 나아가

This is Mas Osayama, Kyokushin Karate settles matters with bare hands too
It’s all ‘come empty, return empty’ anyway
Earning like a dog, spending like a minister
Like an exchange rate, you never know when it’ll go up or down, like a rollercoaster

이건 최배달 극진 공수도 맨손으로 해결해
어차피 다 공수래공수거
개처럼 벌어 정승처럼 써
환율처럼 언제 튈지 몰라 like a rollercoaster

Tonight’s plans are soju and sake
I’ll drink them mixed and enjoy Shibuya all I want
I’m an arrogant guy, even though I don’t have anything
I go all in at pachinko, ay

오늘 밤 계획은 소주와 사케를
섞어 마시고 시부야를 내 맘대로 누비고
다닐 거야 난 건방진 놈 가진 거 없어도
몽땅 걸어버려 빠칭코 ay

Gotta wander around when my limbs are working
No need to spare oneself or eat, just drink
If you got nothing, bring it on that way
This is Asia, fla$hback$ muhfucker

사지 멀쩡할 때 싸돌아다녀야지
사리고 자시고 할 필요 없이 달리는 거야
없으면 없는 대로 덤벼
This is Asia, fla$hback$ muhfucker

Outro: JJJ)
We’re rap monk[s], Asia rocks on
A geisha that spits and dances, genius
The meters increase, that limit will soon be out of range too
We cross the sea and meet, comrade, turn it [to] you

we’re rap monk rock on する asia
spit とダンスする芸者 天才
あげてくメーター あの限界ももう圏外
海越え集う同志 turn it u

Ugly Duck)
Again 2002, Red Devils and Ultra’Nippon,
Sing a fight song, busta
Touch down to Asia, Ugly Duck, JJJ,
Reddy Kim, till we die, wussup!

again 2002 붉은 악마 울트라 닛뽄 어서
응원가를 불러 busta
touch down to asia ugly duck jjj
reddy kim till we die wussup!

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