Sool J - Love (cover)

Sool J – Let’s Stop Being Friends (feat. STi)

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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  • Title: 친구는 그만해
  • Artists: Sool J, STi
  • Album: Love
  • Year: 2011
  • Original lyrics

Intro: STi)
In between love and friendship
Now I need to choose

Chorus: STi)
Let’s stop being friends, now I can’t take this anymore
Although I am timid and can’t express it,
I think this isn’t it, I will
confess to you with all my heart, now let’s stop being friends

Verse 1)
I lowered my tail in between love and friendship
A lonely marathon runner who lost the finish line
Getting dating advice behind my back, even if I listen closely to every single one
Seems like I’m only like a sample corner 1)The metaphor refers to food sample areas…but in this case, dating.
Do you really not know or are you being coy?
Why do you keep treating us as only close friends?
Even though we date, it’s not a date
We’re not lovers but ‘amigos’

Climb: Sool J & STi)
Although my heart only sees you
Although conveyed by a familiar scent
This is an excessive use of feelings
No matter how I knock, her specialty is her thorough defense bolt 2) The metaphor refers to a ‘defense bolt’ (of a door) meaning the door of her heart…thus he’s ‘knocking’ on the door of her heart. Aww.

The words I couldn’t convey with words or feelings
It only keeps growing, the thought of confessing
If friendship is a candle, love is the sun
My sincerity can’t be hidden by  the word ‘friend’

Chorus: STi)

Verse 2)
I can’t look at your face casually
This play that we’ve taken the role of ‘friend’
When brushing past your hand, it’s like Taekkyeon, ikeu 3)Taekkyeon is a Korean traditional martial art and ‘ikeu’ is shouted when doing Taekkyeon.
Although I like it, I can’t make it obvious, the deep crease on my face

I’ve been through thick and thin
We even know about each other’s family circumstances
We went on a group tour and we even stayed up all night together
I’ve already seen enough of your bare face without make-up but

Climb: Sool J & STi)
As time passes, we will drift further away
We’ll get used to new encounters
I don’t want that, I want to be together all our lives
Not as a friend but as a lover I want to hold you tight

The saying that guys and girls can’t be friends,
I didn’t believe it either in the beginning.
Now I’ve come to understand that saying
You and I can’t be friends! Never! Ever!

Chorus: STi)

It might ruin our relationship
Our friends might tease us
Ha, it’s okay either way I only care about you
When I agree enthusiastically about the flaws of the guys you meet at blind dates

honestly, the words I wanted to say were
‘Don’t meet other guys, how about me?’
You say we’re nothing more than friends but
To me you’re more than that, what do i do?

Chorus: STi)


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