SMTM6 Producer Cypher

SMTM6 Producer Cypher

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Note: This post is best read on desktop.

Please note
that these lyrics are not complete and that several parts have been censored. Once there is a complete version available, this translation will be updated.
support our hard work and DO NOT take out this translation but link back to this post if you’d like to share it. Thank you.


Verse 1: ZICO)
Life is what you make of it
No matter what, I’m always one page ahead
As a SCHOOL RAPPER I’ve already worked
with Swings and Verbal


Life is what you make of it
난 뭐든 한 페이지 일찍 넘겨
고등래퍼 때 이미 작업한 뒤
with Swings and Verbal

The bastards who realized my potential
and tried to nip it in the bud as soon as possible-
I turn down their earnest requests
and look over the script of my next commercial

나의 잠재력 눈치 까고
서들러 죽이려던 놈들
간곡한 부탁 다 거절 놓고
다음 광고 콘티를 훑고 있어

Showing my crib is no fun, yeah
Cause I’ve got myself, yeah

Being considerate of your feelings,
I won’t comment on my income, yeah

흥미가 없어 집 공개는 yeah
내가 날 가졌기 때문 yeah
네 정서를 배려하는 차원에서
수입에 대한 건 노코멘트 yeah

Go back to 2014, nobody knew
Overthrowing prejudices is effective
I was 24 at Show Me 4 and I be 26 at season 6
Combining the media and my expertise, it will be big benefit

Go back to 2014, 아무도 몰랐지
편견은 반전 줄 때 효과 있지
I was 24 at Show Me 4 and I be 26 at season 6
미디어와 내 안목을 합치면 it will be big benefit

End awkward relationships flat out
Because within September, a rapstar will be born
from me and DEAN, U get it

껄끄러운 인간관계는 정리해라 여지없이
왜냐 9월 안까지 랩스타가 나올 테니까
from me and Dean, U get it

Verse 2: DEAN)
When I walk through the streets
the decibels _____ yeah
After 1-2 years,
SMTM is now a vacation to me

길거릴 거닐 때에
데시벨은 ____ yeah
1-2년 새에
이제 쇼미는 내게 vacation

Oh yeah gentleman
Your girl trembles at my name
Jealousy is bad for your health so
get away

Oh yeah gentleman
네 여친은 떨어 내 이름에
질투는 건강에 해롭기에
get away

My featuring is a danger
I’ve killed many rappers on the track
We make make pancake, yeah
Your ego is going to be kept in check

내 피쳐링은 danger
많은 래퍼를 죽였어 트랙에서
we make make 팬케이크 yeah
네 콧대는 눌리게 돼 있어

Different R&B, R&B
I don’t care, mainstream or indie scene
Born in the Year of the Monkey, we’ve become too big
to be restricted to some system, fanxy

Different R&B 알앤비
I don’t care 메인스트림 or 인디 씬
어떤 시스템에 들어가기엔
덩치가 커진 원숭이띠들 fanxy

Verse 3: Choiza)
After hesitating for six years, I’ve picked up the poisonous Holy Grail
I don’t know if it will be poisonous or bring luck but cheers
I gave up on being stubborn, a choice that took a lot of courage
If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it, well, the war of poisonous tongues

6년간을 주저하다 집어든 독이 든 성배
독이 될지 복이 될지 모르지만 건배
고집을 포기할 만큼 용기를 낸 선택
피할 수 없다면 즐겨보지 뭐 독한 혀의 전쟁

When there’s something happening involving rap, there’s a long queue
Yes, that’s right, hiphop is selling well these days
Once the bubble bursts, f*ck, it’ll be damned
Amoeba is a traditional bakery, I’m a skilled baker

랩 갖고 뭣 좀 한다면 장사진
그래 맞아 힙합이 요새 팔리는 장사지
*같이 거품 싹 빠지면 망하지
아메바는 전통 있는 베이커리 난 숙련된 제빵사지

Someone left and someone remained
There were many misunderstandings, a lot of distress, talk, and trouble
While someone was actually in the wrong, there was nobody bad [at rap]
Those who passed by us are all getting by

누군가는 나갔고 누군가는 남았지
오해도 고뇌도 말도 탈도 많았지
사실 못된 놈은 있었어도 못하는 놈은 없어
우리를 거쳐간 놈들은 다 해 제 앞가림

History repeats itself, you need an eye for the big picture
Don’t be fooled by flashy appearances, it’s all a plausible exaggerated advertisement
I’ll fight by your side and help you, taking your hand
to regain both mental and material independence

역사는 반복돼 필요하지 긴 안목
화려한 포장에 속지 마 다 그럴싸한 과대 광고
옆에서 같이 싸우고 도와줄게 네 손을 잡고
정신적 그리고 물질적인 것에 대한 독립 광복

Verse 4: Gaeko)
Unlike with Hiphop The Vibe in 1999,
I stay up all night pondering over reasons to participate [in SMTM]
Don’t act all serious man, it’s an entertainment program anyway
I’ll save cake like crazy and buy a round of expensive food or something

1999년 힙합 더 바이브 때와는 다르게
출연의 명분이 뭘까 고민에 밤을 새
진지 빨지마 인마 어차피 예능 아니냐
빡세게 설탕 모아서 비싼 밥이나 한 턱 사

After hearing my neighborhood friend talk about it, I paid to get access to the episodes online
There, guys who were my friend’s friends are battling each other
I was fascinated, emptied my mind and watched it, it was a hit drama
I wonder what kind of role I will play this season

동네 친구 얘기에 다시 보기를 결제
친구 친구였던 놈들이 거기서 경쟁해
난 심취했고 맘 비우고 봤어 대박 친 드라마
이번 시즌에는 나는 어떤 역이 될까

Search for it on Naver, Facebook, Instagram,
curious how all those rappers are making a living
Some became club rats in Kangnam or Hongdae
Some are now best sellers or artists

검색 검색해 Naver Facebook Instagram
그 많은 랩퍼 뭐 해 먹고사나 궁금해
누군 강남 홍대 클럽 죽돌이가 됐든
누군 음원 갱스터 혹은 예술가가 됐네

Some have performed at a few events, but only for three months at most
Releasing a few free verses and wasting their time, hey
Let’s do team play, issues evaporate one day, what remains
are music and performances, a double-edged sword, personal connections and money

행사 좀 뛰었대 근데 길어봐야 삼 개월
무료 공개 벌스 몇 개 내고 허송세월 야
팀플레이로 가자 논란은 언젠가 가 남는 건
음악과 무대 양날의 검 인맥과 돈

Verse 5: Jay Park)
I’ve received a contract from CJ, my lawyer is reviewing it
Boy I’m making moves, soon news articles will be out, headline news
Yeah it’s H1ghr Music, AOMG till I d i e
No matter which club in this world I go to, I’m a V I P

CJ한테 계약서를 받아 변호사가 검토 중
boy I’m making moves 곧 기사가 뜨지 headline news
Yeah it’s H1ghr Music, AOMG till i d i e
전 세계 어느 클럽을 가든 나는 v i p

I’m on the rooftop, you’re in the basement
Sometimes I leave my Bentley key on the table
Doing business like I’m Diddy, flow like B.I.G
I see the far-away future, like ice, icy icy

난 옥상 넌 지하지
난 벤의 키를 가끔 두지 나의 식탁 위
Doing business like I’m Diddy, flow like B.I.G
먼 미래가 보여 얼음처럼 icy icy

Illionaire, Ambition we need that recognition
F*ck ur skepticism we in separate districts
Rather than winning SMTM, my mission is to conquer the world, it’s in progress
Like a running machine everyday I keep it moving

Illionaire, Ambition we need that recognition
F*ck ur skepticism we in separate districts
나의 미션 쇼미 우승보다 세계 정복 지금 진행 중
running machine처럼 everyday I keep it moving

(*) Salute to Drunken Tiger and Dynamic Duo
The scale is completely different compared to when Loco participated
Even Jay Park and Dok2, this time it’s perfect
B-boy shit, with my rap I dance on this beat

(*) Salute to Drunken Tiger and Dynamic Duo
로꼬가 참가했을 때랑 완전히 다른 규모
jay park 도끼까지 이번엔 완벽한 구조
bboy shit rap으로 이 비트 위에 춤춰

(*) Please edit it well, we decide on the direction [we want things to go in]
What we want is a bright future for hiphop, not [high] ratings
Numerous guys take up the challenge with nothing but passion
Trying [to] make something from nothing

(*) 편집 잘 부탁해 방향성은 우리가 정해
시청률보다는 힙합의 밝은 미래를 원해
수많은 놈들이 열정 하나만 갖고 도전해
Trying [to] make something from nothing

I’m not your average Joe, my mind is different
Hiphop does not belong to broadcasting stations but to us
Find the balance between commercial and culture
I’ll take responsibility so that it won’t go down the wrong way

보통은 아니야 마인드가 다르죠
힙합이란 것은 방송국 것 아닌 우리 것
Find the balance between commercial and culture
잘못된 길로 안 빠지게 내가 책임져

Verse 6: Dok2)
The rapper of rappers, Illy, Ambition representer
Trendsetter, everyone’s copying the rap I spit five years ago
I don’t let anyone take what’s mine, time, money, I don’t save it
My battery’s got 111%, veteran, I do it better

랩퍼들의 랩퍼illy ambition representer
trendsetter 다 내가 5년 전에 뱉던 랩들
베껴 내 거 난 안 뺏겨 시간은 돈 잘 안 아껴
배터린 111프로 veteran i do it better

Let the saga begin, around my neck is no bragging item
but a Buddha piece, Buddha’s head sparkles
However, I don’t want to be [just] a sparkle next to fancy guys
I open my third eye, meditating, shaking off the anguish

let the saga begin 목엔 자랑질이 아닌
buddha piece부처님 머리가 빤짝이지
허나 반짝이긴 싫어 화려한 놈들 옆에
제3의 눈을 떠 명상 중 뿌리치는 번뇌

I’m just ridin’ round in my ghost, y’all can’t see me
Even though I’m no basketball player, my dream is the NBA, I’ve got more than enough goals
Illy way, single-minded, Young King Young Boss
You may be able to imitate me but you can’t earn the money I earn

I’m just ridin round in my ghost 너는 없네 날 볼 수
농구 선수 아녀도 꿈은 NBA 넘쳐 가는 내 goals
illy way 외골수 young king young boss
흉내 정돈 내볼 수 있겠지만 넌 벌 수 없어 내 돈

Show Me The Money, I show u the money
I don’t get used, I use
When the world is dark, the world is in fact not dark
but your eyes are closed, come hate it or love it

Show Me The Money, I show u the money
난 이용당하지 않아 내가 이용하는 거지
세상이 어두울 때면 세상이 어두운 것이
아닌 네가 눈을 감은 거란 것 come hate it or love it

Verse 7: Bizzy)
Hiphop is not all about dissing and cussing
I do this for my parents and distant cousin
Notebooks and diaries are full of my life
I do this all day, I can do it all day, so better

Hiphop is not all about dissing and cussing
I do this for my parents and distant cousin
공책과 일기장 속에 내 삶이 가득 있거든
I do this all day 매일 할 수 있거든 So better

r e s p e c t
Bizzionary, I’ve got an unchanging mindset
Pardon me, my pronunciation is not that smooth
If you’re having a hard time understanding, that’s your problem

r e s p e c t
bizzionary 변치 않는 마음이 있지
Pardon me 구겨진 발음이
알아듣기 힘들면 알아서 하든지

Your dream cannot replace my dream
so there’s no need for you to know everything about me
I pray for everyone to hit it big, but remember I’m the lucky one
Each one we teach one, love and the peace, one

너의 꿈이 나의 꿈을 대신할 수 없으니
나에 대해 모든 걸 다 알 필요 없으니
모두들 대박 기원 but remember I’m the lucky one
Each one we teach one, love and the peace, one

Verse 8: Tiger JK)
Like the words, “I want to stop now,”
beasts whose tails were stepped on, like a [devil in a] clumsy human disguise
Good and evil, a dream everyone realized [together]
Abandoned Jindo dogs and the name of their owner

이대로 멈추고 싶다던 말처럼
꼬리 밟힌 짐승들 어설픈 인간 탈처럼
Good and evil 모두가 이뤄낸 꿈
버려진 진돗개들과 그들의 주인 이름

Our belief that had been frozen has now been set on fire
by good and bad, crime and punishment, friends that cannot be separated
You should always prepare for the worst, lock up sinners
and spread the undying initial intention, nothing’s impossible

얼어 있던 우리 미듬에 지금 불을 지핀
선과 악과 죄와 벌은 떼어놓을 수 없는 친구
설마는 사람 잡아 죄인을 가두고
꺼지지 않는 초심 번저 nothing’s impossible

The eyes-open generation, no more being deceived
The blue tiles are not high anymore
The yellow ribbon deep in my heart
Represent the truth like yellow skin
Drunken Tiger, I am the reason for hiphop

눈뜬 시대 이제 속지 않지
파란 기와도 이제 높지 않지
깊은 마음 속에 심은 노랑색 리본
Represent the truth like 노랑색 피부
Drunken tiger 나 hiphop의 이유

Additional Translator’s Notes

(*) Not in the video, Jay Park posted the lyrics on his Instagram account. There is no way of knowing whether those lines will be part of the song when/if it is officially released or if they are were part of an earlier version of his verse and edited later.

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