San E, Ultima, Sool J, Effect, Scary'P - Freestyle Town (cover)

San E, ULTIMA, Sool J, EFFECT, SCARY’P – Freestyle Town

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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  • Title: Freestyle Town
  • Artists: San E, Sool J, Ultima, EFFECT, SCARY'P
  • Album: Freestyle Town
  • Year: 2013
  • Original lyrics

I’m a real good verse, freestyle un-rehearsed
I’m a real good verse, freestyle un-rehearsed
I’m a real good verse, freestyle un-rehearsed
I’m a real good verse, freestyle un-rehearsed

Verse 1: EFFECT)
First, I put brakes onto your arrogant attitude of ‘Yes, I’m the best’
I don’t plan to negotiate
What nigga, are you black? 1)He’s punning on 니가 (niga = you) and nigga, sarcastically implying that saying 니가 is impolite. The following question “Are you black?” is worded really polite too, to add to the sarcasm.
Laid back? The way I see it, you’re behind the beat

I go by the name JayKim EFFECT den
Oh yeh I’m too good, it’s classic like ‘Mutu’ 2) ‘Mutu’ (Hand-on-hand combat) is a famous song of Korean hiphop legend Garion.
Although you spit a swag, that’s melo melo melo 3)Effect’s very own way of spelling “mellow,” similar to how he spells “yellow” (see next line).
I definitely don’t imitate black people cuz I’m yello yellow yellow

Even though I don’t have a nice watch or a nice car, I get the same treatment
or even better, I have that kind of personality that I can’t dig my own grave
I don’t lie, my friends are surprised by me
I used to be shorter than my peers, but who is the taller now?

Earthquake, no limit line, I heard about my reverse side like hulk
E and K’s difference is decided exactly between being on stage and below the stage 4)The E refers to Effect, but the K refers to his real name Kim Hyo-Jin, thus he is talking about his ‘separate’ personalities so to speak on-and-off stage.  
You still don’t know my name?
I’m Jaykim EFFECT a.k.a Yellow


Verse 2: Sool J)
Okay I’m Sool-to-the-J, the freestyle rap battle champion
You’re pathetic, again you’re complaining, you’re embarrassing the whole neighborhood
If you want to be my challenger, first start by watching my past achievements
or give up and curse your fate

Haters are just earthworms [under me], I’m the blazing sun of high summer
So don’t crawl out, in the end everything will be taken from you
Even the shade under which you take a break is darkness
so dear God, don’t lead me into temptation, stop the indolence

I dream, this is a lucid dream 5)A lucid dream is a dream you can control. It means you’re dreaming but you’re in control of what’s happening in the dream. Here, this is used as a metaphor to express that he’s awake but fulfilling his dream.
Don’t think that you can do that too
I was taking a nap but ah it’s noisy, why did you disturb me?
I’ll make you cry and I’ll put you out like an alarm

Contempt and disdain also become a crown of thorns 6)I think he is referring to Christ’s crown of thorns in Christianity.
Instead of damn money, I want to show off the painful times I’ve gone through
In this fierce scene, everything always changes, friend and foe
So no matter if mercy or revenge, I repay it with interest


Verse 3: San E)
Freestyle town, a manly crew
Our goal is to drive a Maybach while giving life a high-five when we turn forty
but right now Bounce Bounce
If not like Cho Yong-Pil, click pow pow 7)‘Bounce bounce’ is Korean music legend Cho Yong-pil’s latest hit, while ‘Like Cho Yong-pil’ is San E’s labelmate Phantom’s popular song.

From star of the neighborhood to star of Hongdae
Fact is that I’m well-liked even in Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia now
If you want me to clarify, this is an undeniable revolution
But why do you still fail to recognize me? What agony ……oh my

Scary’P & San E, like Eric B. & Rakim 8)DJ Eric B. & MC Rakim were a famous American hip hop duo. Scary’P is a DJ in Freestyle Town, so San E is implying that the two of them can be the Eric B. & Rakim of Korea.
The center of Korean hip hop ganji, FT family is inviolable 9)FT is short for Freestyle Town
A big commotion like Block B, we gon’ melt you down like ice cream 10)He’s quoting lyrics from Block B’s ‘Nanrina’ (big commotion) and Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’.
And 4Minute’s Hyuna …… fighting! *^^*

(What’s your name?) My given name is Chin-nom, my surname is Mi 11)a) Quoting 4Minute’s 이름이 뭐예요? (What’s Your Name?)
b) He’s using word play as Korean surnames are given first, the full name would be 미친 놈 (michin nom) or crazy rascal/bastard.

A (music-)crazy bastard, my blood type boiling young blood
I don’t do drugs cuz I am thug
I don’t give a fuck cuz i am funk


Verse 4: Ultima)
In front of my rap, you guys’ rap collapses, Pompeii 12)Referring to the ancient Roman town-city Pompeii.
I’m not an umchinah but I can be compared with one without hesitation 13)엄친아 (umchinah) is short for 엄마친구의 아들 (ummachingueui adeul – mom’s friend’s son) which implies an ideal son that is filial, good at academics, etc.
I make public the culture, the organization and the performance I made
What did you achieve? Nothing much? Scum

You guys are nothing but wack talk with your keyboard, just who is trying to provoke who?
The real one does just one activity, whose concert is crowded?
Get out of the corner of your room, if warm blood is flowing in you then prove it, what are you waiting for?
I’m drowsy and yawn, suddenly tears well up in the eyes of fakers. Boring.

All day rapping champion ranking
Where I set my feet down can be the highest peak 14)발딛음 (Set Your Feet Down) is another song that Freestyle Town (as a crew) released.
Involuntarily, the pot boils rap ramyeon 15)랩이라면 is one of Ultima’s songs. It’s a wordplay and can be understood as “rap ramyeon” or as “Rap is …”/”Talking about rap …”
My contrasting color, LED graphic

We become perfect unity, we become the right answer, the model answer
The sign ‘Freestyle Town’ makes us known in every corner of the land, senses that are one step ahead
I earn money with something different than others, the past has gone and the sun will rise
Only the real ones know, I study and I have potential to become great starting from a small twig 16)He refers to a common saying about growing up/developing one’s skills which literally means something like ‘The grown tree that started from a twig’.


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