NO:EL - IDFWU_I dont fuck with u (cover)

NO:EL – IDFWU_I dont fuck with u

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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These lyrics contain swear words.


Verse 1)
I’m in my room, at a place that y’all can never reach
I pull all-nighters, imagining a higher place, but it’s all in vain
Sometimes this is messed up, we get bad headaches
Yet we gotta create, we gotta go up. Sometimes pointless thoughts


I’m in my room너네가 절대로 닿지 못하는 곳에
더 높은 곳을 그리면서 밤을 새봐도 다 부질없네
Sometimes이건 messed up우린 머리가 너무 아파도
만들어야지 올라가야지 가끔은 쓸데없는 생각들이

become very dense like smoke, too much for these young shoulders [of mine]. All I got is
Fuck that gold chain and shit, a whole bunch of useless burdens
It seems like time isn’t my friend either, it’s the same for all of us
Who’s good and who’s bad is meaningless, the way I see it you and that person are the same

연기처럼 자욱해져만 가지 너무 어린 어깨엔All i got is
fuck that gold chain and shit 쓸데없는 짐들만 한바가지
시간도 내 쪽은 아닌듯 해 너도나도 뭐 마찬가지
누가 좋고 나쁜 건 의미없지 쟤랑 너도 내가 보기엔 마찬가지

More bitches talking bout, probably they don’t even know what they’re saying
More bitches talking loud, shut up asshole, I can’t hear ya so
don’t try to preach me, I’m not doing this in order to please anyone anyway
Why you trying to fuck with me, assholes like you are a dime a dozen here

More bitches talking bout probably 쟤넨 몰라 지들이 뭐라는지 조차
More bitches talking loud 시끄러 새꺄 니 말 안 들리니까
Don’t try to preach me 어짜피 누구 눈치 보려한 건 아니니까
Why you trying to fuck with me 똑같은 새끼들 여긴 널렸으니까

Even if I talked to some random person, I wouldn’t badmouth you
I don’t need criticism from blinded assholes that aren’t even objective
I just want y’all to become honest, I ain’t bitching with art
Even if my style’s covered up, this is my thing, now you deal about it

그냥 아무나 잡고 말해 봐도 너에 대한 나쁜 말은 하지 않지
객관적이지도 않은 눈멀은 새끼들 평론따윈 필요없지
그냥 솔직해졌으면 좋겠어 예술 갖곤 I ain’t bitching with it
색깔이 뒤덮였어도 여긴 나의 것 이제 너가Deal about it

Don’t try to get involved with me bitch
It’s not a question of me being expensive or offended by it
You too know, I can’t give you that thing you wanted, so
I don’t wanna touch base nor skin with you bitch

나랑 섞이려고 하지 말아줬으면 해 bitch
내가 비싸고 띠껍고의 문제가 아닌 걸
너도 알잖아 니가 원하던 걸
줄 수 없으니까 말이건 몸이건 섞이기 싫어 bitch

I don’t fuck with you man
I don’t fuck with you

I don’t fuck with you, ey

Verse 2)
While going through all these things I couldn’t learn
Nothing reached me and being stubborn with my ears closed
looked like a young child in other people’s eyes. I closed my eyes
simply because I didn’t want to see anything, that was the best I could do

이 모든 것들을 지나오면서 난I couldnt learn
아무것도 들어오지 않잖아 귀막은 채 고집이나 부리는 것도
남들 눈엔 그냥 아직 덜 큰 애엿잖아 그냥 난 아무것도
보기 싫어서 눈 감았던게 그게 나로선 최선이었어

Just blending in perfectly, this was my first life motto bitch
Even if you insult me for my shortcomings, I can’t retort
which is a bit uncomfortable but well, can’t help it
But even if you ask, when I’m not in the mood I can’t answer

그냥 적당히 묻어가는 것 This was my first life Motto bitch
나의 부족함 때문에 너가 날 욕해봤자 난 아무 것도
대꾸할 수 없다는게 좀 불편해도 뭐 할수없어
근데 물어봐도 난 내 기분이 내키지 않아 답 할수없어

After realizing that getting lost in your emotions by yourself
is of no use at all, messing with me won’t be any fun no more
Even though it was hazy, when the once white paper was smeared up
everything was ruined and scribbling on it is pretty meaningless [now]

백날 혼자서 감정이 엉켜 뒹굴어 봤자 그건 아무것도
도움이 안되는걸 깨단후엔 날 건드려도 별 감흥없어
탁하긴 해도 흰색이었던 도화지에 먹칠이 되고선
모든게 다 무너져버렷고 끄적거려도 별 의미가없어

I can’t even guess how many eyes are staring at me in this room,
that’s the extent of the pressure I’m feeling. I know very well that this situation of mine
might look very pitiful, but I’ve never begged for your shitty pity
You mufuckas, don’t force your tastes on me

이 방 안에는 날 쳐다보는 눈이 몇 개인지도 가늠할 수 없을
정도로 압박을 느끼고 있는 내 상황이 많이 불쌍하게
보일 수도 있다는 걸 난 잘 알고 있지 너의 동정따윈
구걸해본적도 없지 난 You mufuckas 니 입맛을 강요말어



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