Molly.D - Sway (Feat. Donutman, Darley) cover

Molly.D – Sway (feat. Donutman, Darley)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: Sway
  • Artists: Molly.D, Donutman, Darley
  • Album: Sway
  • Year: 2015
  • Original lyrics
  • Translation: heardusk
  • Edit: Lena



Verse 1)
That’s right you damn jerk, I’m drunk
Right now, my senses are kidnapped by alcohol
There’s a lot I want to say
I don’t care what you say about me behind my back

We’re not like before,
we are not acting like friends for 10 years
Even when it was hard with studying and finding a job,
we never lost contact

but how come I rarely receive news from you recently?
I’m also busy but it’s in vain
What is the problem?
If it’s hard for you lately, just tell me everything

Why did we grow apart?
I’ve become more drunk in vain
Tonight, the corner of my lips
are full with small smiles in thoughts of the past

Climb: Darley)
The air that went by at that time
brushes my skin
Time continuously tries
to take us somewhere but

Chorus: Darley)
Sway, sway, sway, sway, sway
We don’t know where we’re going
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay
my friend, take my hand

Verse 2: Donutman)
I don’t know where we’re going, take my hand
until I cut through the finish line
Even though I can’t go with you to drink alcohol up until that time,
please look after my place

I will return to it at any time
Everybody wait for me so I can sit there
Even if it takes me a long time,
don’t worry but sing along to this melody

While listening to this melody,
ponder over the promises we made
Next year around this time,1)Possible hint at Donutman’s ‘Next Year’
we will become what each of us hoped for

A gold watch on your wrist, my name
will be written on my necklace
Then we hit the club, we’ll kill them all
My friend, wait a little longer, sway

Climb: Darley)

Chorus: Darley)

We can’t lose it[, our friendship].
We just lived on having forgotten about each other for a bit
The futures I tossed about
while clinking glasses with you are now right under my nose

So let’s just have a toast
Today’s worries will be solved tomorrow
Empty your glass like the blank of this moment
It is no matter, feel this moment, sway

Chorus: Darley)

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