Minos - Ugly Talkin' (cover)

Minos – Fade Out – Stolen Moments (feat. Soulman)

In Translated Lyrics by Nahae

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  • Title: Fade Out - Stolen Moments
  • Artists: Minos, Soulman
  • Album: Ugly Talkin
  • Year: 2008
  • Original lyrics



Hey, do you have a cigarette
Fade in, this song starts like this
From the radio, many stories and songs
Bring back my memories
Quiet, quietly sit
Holding this cigarette in my mouth
All the moments that were stolen from me
The thirsty dangling smile that asks for the return of
The small child’s hopes
I’m going to speak with this small voice of mine
About the most beautiful times

The child’s dream was to be the president or a teacher
He was good at his studies
But coveted his neighbor’s kid’s Gameboy more
Went over to that house everyday
One day, he even went over during ancestral memorial service
And was beaten heavily
Didn’t pathetically ask for a game machine
But poured a lot of money into street fighter
My father always seemed scary
But when he saw that I secretly went to the arcade
And spent a lot of money
He gave me another coin, and smiled
That’s still a vivid memory

Why did I catch so many grasshoppers
It was only until it was time for Mechander Robo to be aired
That I would return home for the night
And you also know
Ran around the neighborhood saying that I was
Muss Man and Flashman
Night and day
When the fumigation truck came around
I screamed ‘wow’ and followed it
And so when I was younger, I hurt myself many times
But nowadays, when I see the scars
I remember those days
I smile and don’t hate those scars
You miss them too
Yo stolen moments

My parents knew everything
The test that I didn’t do well on, and the grades that I changed
I knew very well that it wouldn’t work out
Yet I still try to lie
And pray not to be caught
Nothing was lacking
When my pencil case was full of erasers
And the shop was full of cigarette smoke
But there were many kind older men and women
There were lucky days when I would be given a Jaws ice cream Bar
Therefore, I think I was able to be a happy child

Eating watermelon as sweet as candy
My father fanned me
And told me wise words
I didn’t understand them then
But now that I think about it
They are words that serve as precious gems for the rest of my life
All my behaviors stem from wanting to regress and find these moments
There’s many more memories
But I just smile
Yo stolen moments

Once in a while I look back
And think about my footsteps that haven’t been short
The moment, moments
That have allowed me to walk forward on this path
The names within my memory
And within the letters that I was unable to send
Even the smiles and tears
These are the days that made me who I am
I continue to walk on this path

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