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Microdot, Geegooin, Xitsuh, Hanhae, Basick – SMTM Cypher

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: SMTM Cypher
  • Artists: Microdot, Geegooin, Xitsuh, Hanhae, Basick
  • Year: 2016
  • Original lyrics
  • Beat: Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II


Verse 1: Microdot)
Yes, Show Me The Money 5 Cypher
If I participated this time again, I think I’d rap this
Check it!

They say MICRODOT was wack as hell?
My All Black1)Reference to hiphop duo All Black past cannot be denied
That rap kid is participating on Show Me The?
THIS be the REVIVAL, save your pity

I never back down for nothin’, so that I won’t be discouraged by reality anymore
I’m standing on my own, here where enemies are mixed up
SHOW ME THE MONEY, an express train to guaranteed success
Let’s earn money, I’ll take that train too

I’m on the road to riches man,2)Reference to Microdot’s ‘For The Road To Riches got no rivals
On the mic I don’t HESITATE, no time to idol
Keep it 1 hunnit DOWNBAD3)Microdot’s clothing label representer
Even without the back-up of a label4)Microdot is an independent rapper I spit rap backed-up by my guts

Cuz I’m better

Verse 2: Geegooin)
Feelin’ like Kim Kyung-gi, yeah I’m Mr. Incheon5)Former baseball player, now coach, from Incheon, nicknamed Mr. Incheon – Geegooin is also from Incheon
I’ve been acknowledged as Guwol-dong’s hero
Before I know, my genius that premiered6)The word used for ‘genius’ here describes a person who is so crazy about something that they are brilliant at it. It is also used to designate people who are crazy about 15-second-long commercials, which is probably why in the next line he says that he’s “taking off towards ten million movies”
is taking off towards ten million movies

Yeah, I learned not to give up
I threw up the laziness that had settled down deep inside of me
Even the unnis from Incheon are supporting me
Spring is coming to me too, shout-out to AOMG

Now soon to my side,
my rap is the INTRO to success
Look at me as I am. Even in Show Me The Money
the tone of my voice shined, forget about likes and dislikes

Catch it, get hooked, ram it in, become numb
My potential has become sturdier, I’ve refined my touch
I grabbed a hold of the chance that I nearly missed
and you can do it too, let’s do it!

Verse 3: Xitsuh)
I’ve seen many things, I mean too many fiends
No, I really was in an awkward position
In between under and main, it’s like passing the mic
Gave them a NEW definition of HIPHOP, hm, very nice

There actually was no grand reason for it, just for
me and the dudes, no me and my crew wanted
respect that we should naturally be receiving
So I came up to SHOW and PROVE

I truly showed what I represent
and left without wavering
You have to remember where your roots are
so that you won’t be blinded by the spotlight in front of your eyes

No matter if you came to the system as a judge of the system,
if you storm out of the system, or follow the system
It is your choice, do know that
So when you leave, I’m telling you, do it with style

Verse 4: Hanhae)
Yeah, I’ve come out to show mine
but others came out to show other people’s
so I have to go to the next chapter
The others are still standing in place like bartenders

I’ll go ahead, if this is Go then I’m black7)In the board game Go, the player with the black stone moves first.
I’ve proved myself, y’all are the opposite, no proof
I won’t give in to your whims, where do you think you’re setting foot?
Else, clearly mark it before you start rapping

Yeah, I’ve come out to show mine
I’ll say it once again for everybody
If you’re a rapper, come here and rap
If you’re going to shout and do a musical, leave that way

I do the fundamentals first, Mr. Basic, I’m a Tim Duncan8)American basketball player whose nickname is The Big Fundamental
According to the above’s words, I have nothing to do with idiots9)Not certain if I interpreted this correctly since I’m not sure what he’s referencing to, it might be this quote by Tim Duncan: “I’m surrounded by nothing but great people.”
Man, that way you guys will have no work for life10)The last part of the previous line can also be understood as “There is no work for idiots,” thus this line.
Show Me The Money 5, there won’t be repetitions no more

Verse 5: Basick)
Yeah, Show Me The Money, ay, not an investment but a speculation
I put everything on the line and my epilogue was the win
With my hoodie on I murdered every mission just like Truedy11)Truedy won Unpretty Rapstar 2, Basick won SMTM4
My rap has XYZ,12)=3D, referring to the three axes your rap is just 2D

Even though I don’t have a sexy image, I go to Hongkong13)In South Korea, at least, Hongkong is infamous for its female inhabitants who know what they want
Takin’ a ride on that Turtle Ship14)Reference to ‘거북선’, y’all are piles of shit15)Reference to Turtle Ship’s hook: “Piles of shit shall just fall on them” — Read the whole translation here.
This isn’t a fantasy novel, stop making an effort16)Pun on ‘making an effort’ which can literally translate to ‘write (about) a dragon’
This is that Kill Bill flow, there’s no mercy

Time has passed and now Show Me 5
The Show Me effect has run out but do you remember? Yeh
Hee-bee-dee hip to hee-bee-dee hop uh, because this road is everything to me
Do you feel it? The rhyme flowing on this beat is my all so I’m livin’ it wild

Don’t dream, so LIVE IT WILD
Throw your resignation at them17)=your boss and come out too18)=participate in SMTM; that is what Basick did, he quit his job to be a full-time rapper again
You can be the next BASICK
You can be the front line of the NEW CLASSIC

Uh, Show Me The Money 5
It’s your time to shine
So rep the microphone

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