Choi Sam and MC Meta - Show Me The Hiphop screenshot

MC Meta – Show Me The HipHop (Feat. Choi Sam)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: 쇼미더힙합
  • Artists: MC Meta, Choi Sam
  • Year: 2015
  • Original lyrics



Verse 1: MC Meta)
When you turn on the TV these days, you can watch meokbang1)TV shows where people eat. ‘Meok’ comes from ‘먹다’ (meokda, eat) and ‘bang’ from ‘방송’ (bangsong, program). and cook bang2)TV shows where people cook.
or the grills called audition programs that are filled with sensational content
Yes, someone spit into the just grilled, grilled again,
coal-black insides: “If you continue that way, you will all be done for!”

What they feel is a moment, they don’t know anything very well except shitting
They don’t know criticizing the present age or anything, they only think of earning money
Even if I drive them all in a corner, they’re all yellow delinquents
The thing called hiphop is a bad sight of everyone running with closed eyes

Hiphop isn’t not saying what you have to say
but look well when you talk without thinking, what do the young kids learn?
No matter if woman or man, they’re far from helping the weak
They just come at the weak ones? That isn’t hiphop at all!

Verse 2: Choi Sam)
Ignorant kids keep going like, “Spread your legs”
Is that all you have to say? Why are you denying it again?
Each and everyone is fake, their showing off is all a bluff, since when
is having done that bitch and having had some other bitch the measure for a rapper’s strength?

Their acting strong is also on the level of middle school delinquents, pushing ahead like, “Hiphop is al~ways like that”3)Pun on measure (cheokdo, see previous line) and ‘acting too’ (cheok do).
Bastards who prattle away about girls beg in front of a girl
That girl is me. So, you call me a bitch?
Sh[it], you call us a really big mistake and society’s evil?

No, they call me a bitch because I’m a woman
They look down on and oppress me just because I’m a woman
Yes, you’re rea~lly cool, I’m so scared I can’t say anything else
Taking swings only at the weak, that’s real, you’re truly the coolest of all time

Everyone has already forgotten the pain of the Sewol Ferry4)You should know about this, else look it up.
The NIS who posted comments online also hack sometimes?5)The NIS (National Intelligence Service) are in the news these days for hacking and tracking mobile phones. And in 2012 they posted comments on major Korean websites to manipulate the presidential election.
This year again, the four rivers are the work of the “algal bloom latte”6)“The four rivers algal bloom latte” is the name for the problem of algal bloom expanding in South Korea’s four major rivers. As algal bloom means ‘nokjo’ and green tea means ‘nokcha’ in Korean and both are green, the press invented the name Algal Bloom Latte, referring to the popular green tea latte.
There is a lot to say but the rappers have their mouths closed!

Youth unemployment raises with the tuition fees
While the minimum wage does not raise, businesses laugh all they want
We ask for the reason why they prefer temporary employees
There is a lot to say but the rappers have had a taste of money!

Verse 3: Choi Sam)
CJ, Mnet, Show Me The Money, Unpretty Rapstar
Not ‘hiphop culture’ but ‘rapstar’, no idea, let’s just earn money
Young kids watch it and learn, dimwits have increased over night
‘Under rappers’ are hungry, so what if we obviously edit things?

On a music program, music is pushed aside, music is being exploited behind its back
No matter what artists expressed, if it doesn’t make money, music is pushed back
No respect or understanding, a program that only aims for fun and play
What’s left in the end are controversies, and secretly overlooked absurdities

Verse 4: MC Meta)
Show Me The Money, Show Me The Money, heads inflated by Show Me The Money
Walking while shaking, an improper head, earning lots of money while wandering around
Hustling, hustling, earning more, the misunderstandings and wrong interpretations are an eyesore
There’s no hiphop but they’re selling hiphop, hiphop is making a big fuss saying it’s not hiphop

Ha, I appeared on it two times too, on Show Me The Money
Ha, seasons one and two, they’re a bunch of worries to me
Ha, the only time I had fun [on SMTM] was when I was making music
Ha, the surprising thing wasn’t hiphop but their rules!

The in- and outside of the game, everyone’s just testing each other, “Culture is a delusion,
We’re expanding the pie, so if you’re not interested it’s none of your business”
After that, all they tell the hungry rappers is that if they want to increase their pay
with the work of ‘earning money’, they should find their role

Rappers who spit about life change the gimmicks and take up the bad roles
So that more people recognize them, they unknowingly keep hurting someone
Entertainment and amusement, everything’s for pleasure, they only taste money and money
They play in the hands of the mass media, a scared flock of sheep driven by wolves!

Who has covered the rappers’ ears? (Who has covered them?)
Who has covered the rappers’ eyes? (Who has covered them?)
Who has covered the rappers’ mouths? (Who has covered them?)



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