MC 기형아 - Fan-made mixtape 69:74 cover

MC기형아 – Tonight

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Warning: not suited for minors!



Maybe if jump or spread my wings
I know I’ve been wrong about these things
I don’t care if no one else believes
I think that if you believe it then maybe we’ll make it

Tonight, oh tonight
If you believe in me like I believe in you
Oh tonight, tonight
Because impossible is possible tonight

Verse 1)
When I wake up from sleep and open my eyes, I frown first
Although I know that no one would contact me, I check my phone
As expected, my hopes
go down together with the setting sun

As it gets dark outside I wake up from sleep
Every time a sweet dream arrives at its peak, I wake up from sleep
And because of the miserable sight in front of me
I frown first when I open my eyes

A small room, this sealed space
is full of cigarette smoke. I spit out the phlegm
that has accumulated in my throat during the night, and turn on the computer again
I listen to newly uploaded recordings by amateurs

and snort, “What the, it’s fucking lame!“ Even though I say this,
inside I endlessly keep blaming my laziness
When I grab a pen, I cannot think of anything, my heart feels heavy
Actually, I envy you guys who are doing their best


Verse 2)
Before going to sleep, I hide under the blanket every day and imagine things
so that I forget about my miserable day and can sleep at peace
Probably most of those imaginations are about
having sex with a woman, and about me succeeding

in becoming famous with rap and paying off all my family’s debts
That way I fall asleep. The roommate who lives with me
has shown me pictures he took of me sleeping
My expression in them looked so pitiful and miserable

My heart is completely filled with jealousy
so I endlessly fall lower towards the bottom
I never made any efforts but always wanted expensive things
Everybody found that pathetic and has left me

Actually, me becoming famous with rap is less about money
than about my hope that my friends who have left me will return
Will I be able to fall asleep happily tomorrow?
Everyday I live with that hope


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