Mailo - Staywood (cover)

Mailo – It’s Nothing, I’m Fine

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Verse 1)
Nobody knows that you left my side
They’re all surprised
It’s nothing, fill my cup
because it was empty, let’s play the King’s Game1)Drinking game where a king is determined (e.g. by rock-paper-scissors) and he or she can then choose one or more people (depending on the number of players) to give orders to. One starts off with easy orders and then steadily raises the ‘level of difficulty’.

I wake up in the morning with a splitting headache
I can soothe it well even without your fingers
I don’t need honey-water or real talk, I get better
everyday, like the rap of that kid Mailo

How am I pitiful? I’m really fine
Even if I sleep sprawled out, I have lots of space now
My left arm will no longer serve as a pillow either
In the cold winter I’ll roll up by myself in the silk and cotton blanket

Even when I order chicken, I will keep the drumsticks for myself
[No more] being interrogated by you all night, let’s go to clubs my friend, I’m in
I dare say that it’s nothing
Stop asking man, do you think wounds don’t heal?

I eat by myself and
download a movie
I go shopping for the first time
and order the coffee I’m not used to yet

Still, I’m fine2)The title can be translated as ‘I’m Fine’ or as ‘It’s Nothing’ (even ‘It’s All Good’, ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ …). I used both possibilities for the title and throughout the lyrics as appropriate.
It’s really nothing
Nothing, yeah

Verse 2)
After we broke up I was like a fish out of water
And while I had an unwell fish life,
rumors spread via social networks
No matter how far I scroll down, I don’t click ‘like’

I don’t care anymore, I’m Cool, like a Beach Girl3)Reference to ‘Cool – 해변의 여인’ [Beach Girl]
Like them4)Cool I want to leave quickly for the next stage5)The lyrics for ‘해변의 여인’ go “Let’s leave quickly (for the beach).”
I don’t even remember how many girls came before you who I called my partner
I stop it, I play an online game and choose a character

I’m not lonely on weekends either, by myself I eat ramyeon mixed with rice,
lie on the sofa and choose a channel I like
I demolish all of your interior that had moved into my heart
and put in a squared table. Instead of

a neat bow tie I’m on my way out wearing New Era
but hit my foot on the table and roll around in pain
I put a fist into my mouth, the groans and cries
that escape from the gaps are not because of you, don’t mind me


I’m not a SISTAR, I’m fine6)Probably a reference to SISTAR – ‘나혼자 (Alone)’
My mom feels relieved and cool about it too, like a tank top
Yesterday you were my baby and now I call you with an X7)Implies that he’s calling her names
No part-time job, still plenty of money in my wallet

If only, I saw you three times and cried every time
What’s happening to me? I asked again
No, I dare say that it’s nothing
To me, she is .. nothing


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