Mad Clown - Anything Goes (cover)

Mad Clown – Get Busy

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: Get Busy
  • Artist: Mad Clown
  • Album: Anything Goes
  • Year: 2011
  • Original lyrics

Verse 1)
I can’t help being full of anxiety up to my neck, I bite and chew on it with my molars1)chew = also means ‘ignore’ → I ignore my anxiety
The second hand of the clock keeps turning well as always
This city, tightly grabbing a paper with the address of my youth
Chasing something of which I don’t know if it’s my dream or what

Only by thrusting things I need to keep and throw away
into my empty head and knowing them inside out, I can live
Reality is cold as ice, I sell a youth worth 16-words
I live paying the price of my dream that’s more expensive than my youth

“If I put my rhyme book up for auction now,
the most expensive price I’d get for it would barely be 10,000 won”
Will this rusty mic take me up there?
Will I be able to sing a congratulatory song for my youth?

But until the flint of my passion is ignited,
I roll around here and there and ruthlessly crash into things
Just get busy, my tongue moves fast sweatily
Life’s a bitch but I hang in there another day

Hook x2)
Get get get get get busy
There’s no time, you’re already fucked up enough
Get get get get get busy
Get your ass up, get up it’s time

Verse 2)
Today too, I wrote a few mediocre words in my notebook
Most of them go into the bin
Words are needed to fill this hopeless piece of paper,
my whole soul is sore

If not a genius, one is common. I’m a talentless commoner,
so I can’t help but unwillingly work hard from the start
I’m out of breath, my insides are completely burnt out
but I’m keepin’ it real, I ignore my inferiority complex and keep going

From the Donggyo-dong Foursquare four years ago to Hongdae’s night streets
I was nothing but a naive singing beggar who had started to hang around
Since then, I’ve never slept at ease even once,
greeting the frosty dawn, earnestly hoping that I could live my dream

How to survive? Simply clumsily following
in between the ones that are well-off? Fuck that
Think simple, like an honest straight ball, don’t use your head
It’s only practice, practice, practice, just get busy

Hook x2)

There is always a way out
When the situation is difficult, you have to change
Why blame your surroundings? Just get busy y’all
Get busy, get busy

Spendthrift party animals, jobless people, get busy
MCs hidden in the corner of their room, get busy
Male and female solos, just get busy
and Mad C shit, I get busy y’all

Hook x2)

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