Khundi Panda - KING IDDIM (album cover)

Khundi Panda – Paradise Ride (Meeting God)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: Paradise Ride (신의 조우)
  • Artist: Khundi Panda
  • Album: KING IDDIM
  • Year: 2016
  • Original Lyrics: downloaded with the mixtape
  • Audio: Louie Lastic – Reactions
  • Mixed by Khundi Panda
  • Mastered by DSEL



Intro x3)
Take you on a faraway
trip n you just ride on it,
Fresher place we travelin’
and I just gotta drop on this.

Verse 1)
One for the money,
I know very well that what I need in life
is money
but that does not represent the life I live

While making music,
I include in it my feelings about things I experienced
That is how my life has been and if anyone wants to change me
I’ll make them step back and show them my potential

Two for that bishes.
They tell me, “KP’s got no -ishes”
But exactly that becomes my advantage
and makes me shine

I make my name more widely known in real time
Countless words are attached to my name and taken off it again,
they press down on my shoulders, always.
However, they are my wings and that is the reason why they were heavy

Climb 1)
I’m going to show it now, my IDDIM1)The mixtape this track is off is titled ‘KING IDDIM’.
#ItGMa2)= Don’t forget; reference to Keith Ape song my name, nor my team
Flashin’ back on the times when they forgot about me,
I am going to prevent things like that from happening in the future

Yes Imma bang wit it, bang wit it. Blowin’ down beats,
leavin’ holes on ’em. How you gonna go without me,
I’m pretty sure I got hated by the fuckin’ rappers
and the fans never really got to know about me. So I …

Narration)3)Taken from Knxwledge – Preservatives
– You’re funny man
– Not enough funny, and I ain’t laughin’

Climb 2)
So I’m rockin’ it, rockin’ it with the beats,
I be standin’ like a fuckin’ man, no peats
Feelin’ so fly, but I ain’t smokin’ weed
and I prolly got my muthufuckin’ homies rappin’ 9 to 5

That’s how we makin’ our muthufuckin’ hours fuckin’ golden
When you soundin’ fuckin’ dry, I be swimmin’ in the ocean
There probably is not one person who does it like me
So even though you see my colors you won’t know my name

Verse 2)
I’ll say it again, you probably won’t know even when you see,
what you saw in me
Even when you see it you don’t know so you can’t see it
I ignore you, I ain’t sweet

I pour it on the rhythm, my exhaustion
We don’t get ’em, they’ll all stop revolting on their own
or stop in their tracks
That’s why I told you earlier not to forget my name

This goes without saying, I don’t
talk to anyone. Those who know already know
and those who don’t know I don’t really recognize either
If you really don’t know, I hope you know by now

Ay, it’s funny how I do it.
Although I spit simply I maintain my superiority
And my dream that only I used to see is now colored,
it keeps catching my eye

Outro x9)
It’s goin’ in

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