Khundi Panda - luvsombodi (cover)

Khundi Panda – luvsombodi

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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What is love?

Verse 1)
Love is an expression, and sometimes becomes time.1)The Korean lyrics have punctuation as well, it appears important for interpreting the lyrics so all commas and full stops you find are the exact same in the Korean lyrics (with one exception: the commas after “well” in Verse 2).
Love is a word, and can become a phrase too.
Together with a beauty that is hard to explain,
the words one woven verse contains become language.

Then I translate that beautiful imagination.
I sell the lyrics, the gratitude is monetary.
However, we live entangled in numbers.
Two is better than one and better than two are three, four

When counting, the shape of the mouth is awkward as if learning to dance for the first time,
we keep counting until the strangeness wears off
To feel happy inside, we have to provide our days of youth and courage to
several circuits that compete through calculations

Even when we’re sad, we give it2)= the feeling of sadness a sad numerical value.
You3)Note: The lyrics have no pronoun here, this is interpretation, as in several other cases throughout these lyrics. shoulder the judgmental gaze of someone with a large size4)Not sure if the word “size” is appropriate, but it probably is metaphorically used for someone in some way superior.
and whisper love to her who you have seen for the first time today
You even offer your little finger,5)= make promises; refers to a pinky promise saying that it is the natural thing to do

Bounce, bounce
You said that you learned to love somebody so you did it
All I can say for you for that is that you really didn’t
It’s all about love, love, love, love

You easily believe that something is love
although it isn’t even a good feeling
Man you gotta learn to love it,
learn to love it, learn to love it

Verse 2)
My time is my very own.
The people on the small screen are quite noisy
so when I meet them I sometimes put them on mute and watch,
tt seems desolate and their expressions look lonely too, yes.

Well, that thing called love, well, it’s probably difficult.
That is how amazing and great it is. Unlike a brief joy,
it’s the feelings of a mother embracing her child,
or the feelings so great that you look out for her6)= girlfriend/significant other even on the other side of the world.

However, undressing her
is easier than a mathematical problem and repeats itself,
put the desire that was stilled overnight back to sleep.
Your feelings of accepting her are satisfied with only her body.

Wanting each other does not go deeper than skin-deep.
That’s probably exactly where your feelings end.
The winter in December is very freezing,
and your time is as cold as the snow piled up on the streets.


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