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K-j – No Kidding

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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  • Title: 장난없이 (No Kidding)
  • Artist: K-j
  • Album: 장난없이
  • Year: 2014
  • Original lyrics



Yeah … ya … K-j
True storyteller, teller K-j
Fuck that hater
Just call my name
Just call my name

Verse 1)
Teller K-j, that’s my name
My game that I play risking my name
Of course you don’t know me. I’ve still been preparing
but I’ll start now for real

I shine, for real, that’s mine, I grind
Stop? No way, my rhyme
I write truthfully, since it’s come to this, it’s mine?
No, it’s definite, it’s all mine

I insist that it’s written down that it’s all mine, brother that’s me, if you listen to my stuff then respect me, that’s a given
Let’s say it frankly, our level difference
See it? The flower blooming in the mud, 1)The Quiett – 진흙 속에서 피는 꽃 [The Flower Blooming In The Mud] (Feat. MC Meta & Kebee)
that is definitely referring to me, huh

Gangnam style, no fuck that shit, my stuff is a bit strong, Muay Thai skill
Can’t be persistent, dope, a guy that doesn’t waste time
No matter what anyone says, I kill it properly, slaughter and conquer 2)“It” refers to the beat, music, etc.
Well, but I love peace, ish …

Hook x2)
No mercy (no mercy), ma music (ma music)
is not pussy (no pussy, no shit)
If you thought I died, I’m sorry
(I’m sorry) Ma bad (ma bad)

Verse 2)
I’ll predict one thing to you about me
Soon I’ll be compared to pros
Who dares to give haughty advice? Don’t even think about it cuz I’m a monster
Motherfuckin’ hater, before you mess with me

change your skill, I’m your master 3)“Change your skill” as in “improve your skill”
I’ll ask one thing, while doing everything you guys want to,
what are you trying to obtain, huh? The result is too obvious,
I’ll sprinkle flowers, you guys walk exactly 4 km huh!! 4)Apparently, he’s sprinkling flowers to ‘congratulate’ them (haters) on walking 4 km.

I’m ready to sprinkle flowers, I live every second
like it’s my last, I’m treated like a madman but I believe in me, that’s right
I utter an incantation every night (will be fine),
that way I’ve come up to here, as you can see

That’s right, success what’s up? I restrained myself
and waited a long time but now it’s enough, I think you can open your eyes around here
Ma brother, let’s go just a little farther,
it seems like you’ll make it, I think I can be confident now …

Hook x2)

Verse 3)
Pulling all-nighters is the basics, I just need to be reborn
Each time when I go up I go up
I don’t know how to go down, when I add I add
I’m ignorant, from the beginning I didn’t know how to subtract

After hearing “Holla” they’ll ask me
who I am (Aight!) Nice to meet you, I’m K-j
Remember, this is the game I risk my name upon
Fuckin idol music, [my music] is on another level

I make it all, respect me, I just spit, I’m going
there, here, everywhere you wanna go
Even though you didn’t know up till now, now you’ll get to know
put away all your worries, just believe in and follow me

I’m thinking every second, I’ll make it the best, no matter what that will be
If you want new shit it’s easy, just listen to my stuff
No kidding, I’ll do it properly, nobody can join in ma game

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